Why NOT Hiring a Coach is Costing you BIG TIME

Monday, October 23, 2023
Some months ago, I asked my husband to grab the Seasoning Salt from the kitchen.  He was gone for a long period of time and then returned empty-handed, “I don’t see it.” he said.  I was about ready to launch into the “it’s right there” speech but instead, I walked into the kitchen and picked up the seasoning salt.  It really WAS right there- but why couldn’t he see it?
Sometimes, we have blind spots that prevent us from seeing what we need to see. At home, it might just be a seasoning or something minor. But in business, these blind spots can really affect us in some pretty major areas!
Business Growth- when we do not see the full picture, we can miss the opportunities in our business that will help us grow. And, since business is either growing or dying (NOPE- no in-between area here!)- it is important to see what we need to see. A Business Coach has a unique perspective- connected to you but somewhat disconnected from the business entity. This ‘power position’ means that business coaches are far enough away from the company to actually see a bigger more expansive view.
They typically see the ‘seasoning salt’ right away whereas business owners might miss the obvious.
Team Growth- similarly, gifted business coaches can also take a look at the interactions and dynamics of a team. Their perspective is a bit more objective than any individual member of the team, enabling them to see roadblocks or talent gaps. I remember working with one company in particular and they were experiencing a substantial challenge in their service department. Each person was ‘AWESOME’ according to the manager and he had no idea why they continued to run into the same issues time and time again. After a week of observation and interviews, we identified the challenge. YES- each member of the team WAS in fact awesome- however, there was some internal conflict that the manager did not recognize. An outside perspective with a business coach that truly cares can help you uncover the areas or situations that cost your company great team members and have a negative impact on the bottom line.
Personal Growth- most business owners are in a constant state of improvement. When we have read every book, listened to lots of podcasts, and sat through an endless sea of webinars- a business coach can help us shift into another gear. I personally have coaches in several areas of my life. Why? Because I want to make sure I am delivering the very best I have to my business, my team, and myself. Working with my coaches helps me stay accountable to the person I want to be and their amazing questions help me really THINK about the direction I want to go in every area of my life.
Finding the Seasoning Salt in the kitchen is one thing- but being able to identify your blind spots, areas for opportunity, people puzzles and the various ways you can become your very best requires different perspectives. Coaching gives us the additional vantage point we need to ‘up our game’ and take our lives and our businesses to the next step! We have some great tools for coaching here at TMC and we would LOVE to help you SEE what may be just out of your sight!

A LARGE mission of TMC is to provide your company with Business services to help you GROW.  

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Cheri Perry 10/23/2023