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The POWER of a Testimonial

You may know how AMAZING your team and your service is, but telling your prospects yourself may not have the desired end result! The very best way to let your future customers know how fantastic you are, is to let your customers do the talking! Testimonials are POWERFUL tools when it comes to selling your products and services. Earning, collecting and using testimonials needs to be a STRENGTH in your business- here are some tips! EARNING: This may seem like a 'no brainer' but you need to decide ...

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Cheri Perry 7/6/2020 Comments(0)

Let's Go On A Journey

They say that a journey begins with a single step and that you cannot get where you're going unless you know where you are or where you come from. WHERE DID TMC COME FROM: Our company was founded TWENTY FOUR years ago- after having a very difficult time finding anyone who seemed to care about our business and the ability to accept credit cards. We received tons of mailings, lots of phone calls, and we were inundated with information. Sound familiar!! We could not find a person or a company that ...

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Cheri Perry 7/1/2020 Comments(0)

Excellent Service is Delivered With Passion

It is VERY easy to get in the 'routine' of any position or career. We simply must remind ourselves and our teams what business we are in and WHY what we do is so important! Our WHY is simple- the industry we reside in is notorious for substandard service and a lack of integrity and we choose to be the exception. We spend time WEEKLY discussing our WHYS, our areas for improvements, and our personal goals. What is your WHY? Does your staff know what your unique proposition is and are they passiona...

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Cheri Perry 6/22/2020 Comments(0)

Using Social Media to INCREASE sales!

What if we told you that, we can help you tap into 10+ sales channels, including Facebook and Instagram, to grow your reach on platforms where your customers already spend most of their time — AND you can control all of that from ONE single dashboard? Finding customers is heavy lifting for any business. But leveraging a network of 2.5 billion consumers categorized by age, action, and interest can certainly help. And TMC is happy to step in and fill that gap, monetizing your existing social...

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TMC 6/15/2020 Comments(0)

5 Myths of PCI Compliance

Years ago, when I thought of the word 'Compliance' it would conjur up memories of childhood rules or conforming to some rigid set of expectations. Even's definition harkens back to a time before credit card fraud completely altered the meaning. com·pli·ance [kuh m-plahy-uh ns] noun 1. the act of conforming, acquiescing, or yielding. 2. a tendency to yield readily to others, especially in a weak and subservient way. 3. conformity; accordance: in compliance with orders. 4....

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Cheri Perry 6/8/2020 Comments(0)