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What Is Your Unique Skillset?

Understanding the strengths your team possesses is critical to the success of any company. In other words, having the right people in the right seats can make all the difference Each of us is wired to do a few things very well. If our daily tasks revolve around those few things, life is good! If, on the other hand, our daily tasks revolve around areas outside of our strengths, life can be tough. As business owners or managers, we simply must take the time to determine if the members of our team ...

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Cheri Perry 9/16/2019 Comments(0)

Time To Think About Gift Cards!

There are lots of great reasons to consider gift cards but here are a few of the most basic to consider as the holiday season gets ready to make its big debut! WHY ARE GIFT CARDS BETTER THAN GIFT CERTIFICATES? Gift Cards are secure, unlike gift certificates, so they can be placed on display to spur impulse buying. If the Gift Card value is not fully used, the balance remains on the card. Gift Cards are perfect for chained accounts think Saturday Markets, multiple locations . Gift Cards reduce th...

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Cheri Perry 9/1/2019 Comments(0)

Little Things Make a BIG Difference!

We have all experienced that 'little extra' that made a BIG difference! And while it is easy to see how those small measures impact our businesses, it is also very easy to overlook them while getting everything else done! Here are a few 'Little Things' that make a BIG Difference in the Merchant Services Industry- it is our hope that you will assess your current relationship and REQUIRE that your merchant services provider deliver BIG TIME on the Little Things! FULL DISCLOSURE: Fee structures var...

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Cheri Perry 8/26/2019 Comments(0)

5 Things To Increase Teamwork

There are 120 hours in a 5 day work week and we spend 1/3 of those hours with our Co Workers. So it is no surprise that TEAMWORK is a huge topic of discussion within the business world! Here are 5 things you can do to increase, encourage and improve TEAMWORK - where you work! 1- Keep The Bar High Working in an atmosphere where Excellence is the name of the game- encourages staff members to perform at their best. Since each member's performance impacts the overall TEAM performance- setting high s...

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Cheri Perry 8/13/2019 Comments(0)

Keeping Employees Engaged

Dealing with employees can be one of the most rewarding aspects of small business ownership; it can also be one of the most taxing. At TMC, we have always been blessed with an incredible cast of characters! Our team consistently delivers excellence and they tend to bring their hearts to work each day. Don't get me wrong- we have our share of challenges and some of the normal drama associated with our work family, but for the most part, we have been blessed! Some recent changes in staffing, job d...

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Cheri Perry 8/1/2019 Comments(0)