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Leaving a Legacy With Your Business

How does what you do for work, make a difference in the world? I know very few business owners who have not pondered the answer to that question! All of the hard work, planning, competition, frustration the list goes on and on has got to be for something. So- have you considered what LEGACY you will leave with your business and your life's work? This month, we are taking a look at how we can make a long term difference in the world by being intentional about the Legacy we leave with our business...

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Cheri Perry 12/11/2017 Comments(0)

BOOK REVIEW: The Magic Question

A NEW FEATURE for our blog will be our Book Reviews and BOY do we have a good one for you this month! David Cottrell's THE MAGIC QUESTION is a game changer of a book. Brief yet powerful, well written and filled with great tips and exercises to elevate your team. It is possible to get everyone on your team asking the question that counts; How Can I Help ! The author clearly lines out the 6 questions your team is constantly asking themselves and why you need to be answering those questions for the...

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Cheri Perry 12/3/2017 Comments(0)

Success Through Goal Setting

As we turn the calendar pages to the last month of 2017, it would be wise to take a look at what the New Year has to offer and how we can stack the odds in our favor! At TMC, we have some fun traditions of creating Vision Boards and setting quarterly goals so that each member of our team is prepped and ready to make the New Year both exciting and successful. We also love to read great material on goals and this article is one we we would like to share with you! BRIAN TRACY GOAL SETTING 1 of 3...

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GUEST BLOGGER: Brian Tracy 11/26/2017 Comments(0)

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to spend with Friends & Family. This week, our social media posts will be all about gratitude, thankfulness and the many blessings we have as individuals living in America. As you take the time to count your blessings this week, please remember to send out lots of prayers for those who cannot make it home for the Holidays and for those who stand guard over a grateful nation! We would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU to our soldiers past, present an...

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Cheri Perry 11/20/2017 Comments(0)

Time To Order Gift Cards

There are lots of great reasons to consider gift cards but here are a few of the most basic to consider as the holiday season gets ready to make its big debut! WHY ARE GIFT CARDS BETTER THAN GIFT CERTIFICATES? Gift Cards are secure, unlike gift certificates, so they can be placed on display to spur impulse buying. If the Gift Card value is not fully used, the balance remains on the card. Gift Cards are perfect for chained accounts think Saturday Markets, multiple locations ...

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Cheri Perry 11/5/2017 Comments(0)