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One Size Does Not Fit All

I remember the first time I caught Tyler wearing his Dad's shoes- what a sweet moment. Little did I know that time would fly by and pretty soon that sweet child would be wearing shoes even larger than his Dad's size 12's! No- one size does not fit all and while that precious childhood memory is a great reminder of that fact, the improper fit for any business solution does not yield the same cheerful results. In fact, choosing a business solution that does not fit your business specifically, can ...

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Cheri Perry 7/22/2019 Comments(0)

Back To Basics For Business Success

Sometimes we have to focus on the BASICS to get the complex issues ironed out in our lives and in our businesses! The credit card processing industry is a mess of fees, regulations, issues and the list goes on. Hopefully, these strategies below are useful to you. When you are done reading them, please visit our Facebook page the link is listed below to share your thoughts and ideas! Together, we can help each other out. #1- KNOW YOUR WHY When times get tough financial barriers, customer issues, ...

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Cheri Perry 7/16/2019 Comments(0)

Got Security?

There is so much 'complicated' talk about security, compliance and all of the things we need to do to keep our personal information safe that sometimes we just need a little reminder of the BASICS. This week our team is reminding all of our merchants and future merchants about the basics of Merchant Account Security. Here are a few simple things that you and your team can do to keep your account secure! Don't Give Out Personal / Sensitive Information Unless you have a personal connection...

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Cheri Perry 7/8/2019 Comments(0)

Let's Go On A Journey

They say that a journey begins with a single step and that you cannot get where you're going unless you know where you are or where you come from. WHERE DID TMC COME FROM: Our company was founded TWENTY THREE years ago- after having a very difficult time finding anyone who seemed to care about our business and the ability to accept credit cards. We received tons of mailings, lots of phone calls and we were inundated with information. Sound familiar!! We could not find a person or a company that ...

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Cheri Perry 7/1/2019 Comments(0)

Forging Your Character

For many business owners contrary to popular belief CHARACTER is one of the pillars of successful businesses today! The Merchant Services industry has long been known for its lack of character- which is precisely why Dean and I began our venture over 22 years ago. Today, we still feel that Character counts in the business world and we are passionate about making sure that Character is always an intricate part of who we are as a company. It is interesting to note that many businesses tout Charact...

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Cheri Perry 6/24/2019 Comments(0)