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Pre Flight Check List (WORK)

Our Son is now licensed to be a Commercial Airline pilot I am so very proud of Tyler and his efforts! . He has lots of hours and accreditations to add before he is flying the friendly skies- but HOW EXCITING to be a Pilot right? I wonder if we can use a little playful imagination and pretend that WE are pilots? What would that look like in our companies? Flight Preparation: In order to be prepared to fly- we have to add to our knowledge tool belt. Just like Tyler has been attending flight school...

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Cheri Perry 7/19/2021 Comments(0)

SIX reasons FUN can (and will!) improve work quality & mental health

If you’re a movie buff like I am, you’re probably familiar with the line from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining where Jack Nicholson’s character types out several pages of the same sentence: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While the context in the movie is a bit eerie, Jack's comment is actually truer than you might think! I’ve also heard the old saying Work is not supposed to be fun ~ that’s why it’s called WORK. I humbly disagree ~ I believe th...

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Shannon Fry 7/12/2021 Comments(0)

TMC Celebrating 25 Years Serving YOU!

Please enjoy this message from our Founder and MVP Director, Cheri Perry. TMC was founded TWENTY-FIVE years ago- after we found it difficult to find anyone who seemed to really care about our business and our ability to accept credit cards. We received tons of mailings, lots of phone calls, and we were inundated with information, but no solid advice. Sound familiar!! We could not find a person or a company that cared enough to explain the industry to us We could not find a person or company who ...

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Cheri Perry 7/1/2021 Comments(0)

Tips To Reduce Credit Card Fraud Online

The more online transactions you process, the more risk you have in being exposed to fraud. Selling items online is convenient for your customers and increases sales for your business, but there is a risk involved and it’s much higher than in face-to-face transactions. When neither the card nor the customer is physically present at the point of sale, the merchant experiences the greatest exposure to disputes, chargebacks, and fraud. The following security measures can help reduce fraud exp...

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Cheri Perry 6/21/2021 Comments(0)

Become the Expert in Your Niche

I always get so much great information out of my favorite magazine: SUCCESS This article is very helpful when you are looking for more ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Becoming the 'Go-To Person' or Expert in your field is one of the very best ways to increase visibility and ultimately- your bottom line! Enjoy the article and then take some action steps to become, the one they call! How to Become a Sought-After Expert 5 tactics for becoming a recognized expert Ever watched an ex...

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Cheri Perry 6/7/2021 Comments(0)