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Become the Expert in Your Niche

I always get so much great information out of my favorite magazine: SUCCESS This article is very helpful when you are looking for more ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Becoming the 'Go-To Person' or Expert in your field is one of the very best ways to increase visibility and ultimately- your bottom line! Enjoy the article and then take some action steps to become, the one they call! How to Become a Sought-After Expert 5 tactics for becoming a recognized expert Ever watched an ex...

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Cheri Perry 6/7/2021 Comments(0)

Three Tips to Deliver Service With Passion

When we train our referral partners to send their members to our company, we make some HUGE promises related to the level of service they can expect from our team. We've even been accused of implying that our staff can Walk on Water! Well, they do not walk on water that position was filled over 2000 years ago , but there is a reason why we feel so comfortable making large promises regarding the service level of our team: THEY DELIVER ! Each of our staff members truly cares about the businesses t...

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Cheri Perry 6/1/2021 Comments(0)

5 ways to keep your staff members engaged!

Dealing with employees can be one of the most rewarding aspects of small business ownership; it can also be one of the most taxing. At TMC, we have always been blessed with an incredible cast of characters! Our team consistently delivers excellence and they tend to bring their hearts to work each day. Don't get me wrong- we have our share of challenges and some of the normal drama associated with our work family, but for the most part, we have been blessed! Some recent changes in staffing, job d...

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Cheri Perry 5/24/2021 Comments(0)

Credit Card Processing Fees Explained

Are credit card industry fees confusing to you? They are to most people, so today we thought we’d explain about those miscellaneous fees and charges that show up on your monthly merchant account statement. Let’s take a look at our bicycle shop statement to give us some good examples and explanations. Monthly Minimum Fee: fee which guarantees the merchant will be paying a minimum amount each month in processing fees. If a merchant’s discount fees do not equal their monthly minim...

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Cheri Perry 5/17/2021 Comments(0)

Why You Need to Feed Your Mind

Rohn: Why You Need to Feed Your Mind Jim Rohn But can you imagine what would happen if you kept up an accelerated learning curve for the rest of your life? Can you imagine what you could learn to do, the skills you could develop, the capacities you could have? Here’s what I’m asking you to do: Be that unusual person who keeps up his learning curve and develops an appetite for always trying to find good ideas. Search libraries for books and programs. Search magazines. Search documen...

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GUEST BLOGGER : Jim Rohn 5/10/2021 Comments(0)