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How to Work from Home 101

Circumstances can change the way we do a lot of things including the way we work! Right now in America, LOTS of people are working remotely- while it is not a NEW trend, it was a RAPID move for many businesses. Years ago, we were faced with circumstances that resulted in the resignation of a trusted and valuable staff member. At the time, we had never even considered a remote workforce. Today before COVID-19 we have 6 remote staff members. I’ve asked Hope- the team member who caused me to ...

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Hope Sandusky 4/6/2020 Comments(0)

Taking Down Life's Fences

Sometimes when life gets crazy, some good old-fashioned work can take your mind off things for a bit. This weekend, Dean and I decided to take down an old fence. As we began the task, I was transported back 10 years- to the day we put the fence in. My father had reached a point in his life where he could no longer ride horses and he made the decision to give his stallion, Bucky, to me. I remember the excitement of putting in the fence- the shiny tractor we used, the many trips to Shurway Buildin...

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Cheri Perry 3/31/2020 Comments(0)

A time of crisis calls for EFFECTIVE and STRONG Leadership

On Sunday, I had the privilege of listening to John Maxwell’s address on Leadership. I’ve listed the link to the web site below and my 5 main takeaways!! A time of crisis calls for EFFECTIVE and STRONG Leadership in our communities, our businesses, and our families. Our citizens, our team members, and our children are watching and learning from our response! 1- CRISIS IS QUITE COMMON By definition dictionary + Greek + medical a crisis is an intense time of difficulty, requiring a dec...

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Cheri Perry 3/23/2020 Comments(0)

Handling Life’s Storms With a Positive Mindset

Whenever there is a national crisis, it is hard to know how to navigate the waters between preparation and panic. With every day, every news cast and every social media post- the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus health scare continue to rise. What can business leaders do to keep our teams together, calm the nerves of our clients and walk through this threat? Here are a few steps to help as we handle this together! #1- KNOW & SHARE the FACTS With so many different points of view, it is ha...

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Cheri Perry 3/16/2020 Comments(0)

Balancing Your Business & Personal Life: Get Out!

In his book ‘The One Thing’ Gary Keller mentions that a BALANCED life is a myth and I think that we all really know this instinctually. But there is a still, small voice that keeps calling us to be balanced - to make sure we are not spending too much time at the office or too much leisure time yes- that’s a thing . Being ‘balanced’ has a nice- even ring to it- ‘I am so balanced’ if you stand there for a minute and just close your eyes and repeat that sta...

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Cheri Perry 3/10/2020 Comments(0)