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Supporting Small Businesses

One of the great pleasures of our business is the fact that we get to work with so many small businesses across America. This past week, I had the privilege of spending some time installing new terminals for several of our merchants and I was once again reminded of WHY I love what we do here at TMC. THE HEARTBEAT OF COMMUNITIES Each of the business owners I worked with this past week reminded me that small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. These are the places where you can go to ...

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Cheri Perry 8/14/2017 Comments(0)

Should I accept Credit Cards At My Daycare?

It's funny how technology can change the way we do everything including paying for our child's daycare! If you own a daycare center, you may have found yourself wrestling with the question; to accept credit cards or not to accept credit cards that is the question....the answer? Depends on your business model and your desired end result! #1- 'IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT!' This may seem like strange advice coming from a credit card processing company but if your current business model does not ...

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Cheri Perry 8/6/2017 Comments(0)

Lessons From the Sea

This past week I was able to spend a week in gorgeous Destin Florida. We attended a business workshop and enjoyed every minute. While we were busy learning about how to follow our dreams and create a powerful vision for our future, there were many takeaways that were worthy of sharing! TAKE TIME TO REFUEL: As business owners, we are usually going 100 miles per hour most days per week, month and throughout the year. I’ve spoken to many business owners who do not remember their last vacation...

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Cheri Perry 7/30/2017 Comments(0)

Under Pressure

Life is filled with opportunities to LIVE and LEARN! This past weekend, I was out on the back patio doing a little pressure washing. When I was done, I realized that I had done more than blow a little dirt off the back patio, I rediscovered the POWER of being UNDER PRESSURE! PURPOSE- There are so many things to be done in our lives and just like my pressure washing excursion, we simply have to determine what our purpose is. Without a game plan, we can end up at the end of the week, month or year...

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Cheri Perry 7/23/2017 Comments(0)

A Quick Conversation on Texting

It was not so many years ago that TEXTING was- well a little weird! Today, it feels like a major way to communicate. Even the credit card processing industry has been deeply impacted by texting. You can DONATE via text, MAKE a PAYMENT via text, get CONFIRMATION of payment via text and keep track of your spending via MESSAGE ALERTS using text messaging. While many of us know some COMMON texting acronyms LOL, ROTFL I thought we would have some fun today looking at some lesser known symbols and acr...

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Cheri Perry 7/16/2017 Comments(0)