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3 Things You Need To Know About Credit Card Processing

As complicated as the credit card processing industry can be, there are only 3 things you REALLY need to know. #1 Understand The Rates There are 500+ tiers of pricing, when you combine all credit/debit card types. It is important to familiarize yourself not only with the pricing but also how the pricing relates to your specific business. Card pricing rates vary based on card type and how the cards are processed. Take some time getting to know both VISA INTERCHANGE and MASTERCARD INTERCHANGE ...

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Cheri Perry 4/23/2017 Comments(0)

Everybody's Broken

Everybody’s Broken is one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs- because it feels so true for me and maybe you can relate as well! As a business owner, I am blessed to be surrounded by team members and other business owners that are going through the same daily routines, struggles and situations that I go thru and listening to that song reminds me that I am not alone on this journey. This past Friday our team gathered for our weekly meeting and had a heart to heart conversation exploring some ques...

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Cheri Perry 4/15/2017 Comments(1)

Top Reasons For Accepting Credit Cards

Accepting credit cards is a necessity for most businesses today. The reasons we accept plastic from our customers can make all of the things that go on behind credit card processing; tolerable! Here are the top reasons why accepting credit cards from your clients just makes good business sense! Make the Payment Process Easy When you can make accepting a payment easier for your clients, you increase the possibility of building a repeat and referral based business. When your customers find the pay...

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Cheri Perry 4/10/2017 Comments(0)

Learning From Each Other

Owning a business can be as thrilling as a great roller coaster ride! We learn so much from all the ups and the downs in business and it just makes sense that those experiences would fuel our forward progress and, if we let them, the forward progress of others! This past week, Dean and I had the opportunity to visit a successful franchise in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. We spent an entire day, discussing best business practices, how to overcome obstacles and what actions yield business success. In...

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Cheri Perry 4/2/2017 Comments(0)

Do I Need To Upgrade My Equipment?

Accepting credit cards has given lots of business owners incredible benefits! Getting Paid More Quickly Increasing Ticket Sizes Expanding Market Share ...just to name a few. But with the GOOD- there comes a little bad! We wanted to send a shout out to our merchants and FUTURE Merchants to let you know that we are approaching a season in the credit card processing industry that tends to bring out the WORST elements. Industry adjustments that call for rate increases and equipment...

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Cheri Perry 3/26/2017 Comments(0)