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Taking the RISK out of Credit Card Acceptance

Accepting credit cards can be an amazing tool and a double edged sword! Amazing because consumers who use credit cards, spend more money, more often than their cash paying counterparts. Sword-like because the various risk issues associated with card acceptance can cause business owners unwelcome stress. Let's look at a few of the ways we can minimize our exposure to the risks related to card acceptance. Proper Account Underwriting/SetUp/Maintenance One of the easiest ways to prevent stress and r...

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Cheri Perry 3/6/2018 Comments(0)

Using Recurring Donations to GROW Your Organization

There is a TON of competition in the market place for the discretionary dollars Non Profit Organizations need to attract. Businesses and consumers alike, are looking for the just the right cause to put these dollars to work and guess what else they are looking for? An EASY way to do it! Here are some reasons why making sure your potential donors have access to a RECURRING PAYMENT option can help your organization attract more donations on a more frequent basis! Donor Convenience: By allowi...

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Cheri Perry 2/5/2018 Comments(0)

Don’t Give Away $$

Over the past several weeks, we have been notified by some of our Credit Union partners and merchants that their teams have fallen victim to some credit card scam artists. With SOLID processes in place, you can prevent this type of fraud from happening to you and your team! Here is the most recent scenario: A customer/member walks into your business or Credit Union and attempts to make a purchase or process a cash advance. When you run the card, you receive an error message - typically "Call" or...

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Cheri Perry 1/9/2018 Comments(0)

Check Up from the Neck Up

Each month this year, our team will be focusing our Social Media posts and our growth process internally on a single theme. This month is : Check Up from the Neck Up I’ll never forget the first time I heard Zig Ziglar talk about getting a ‘Check Up from the Neck Up’. His southern drawl really drove home the point and I bought it. What Zig was talking about was how much control we really do have; by the way we feed and train ourselves to think. When trouble strikes, do you insta...

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Cheri Perry 1/2/2018 Comments(0)

Prepping For the New Year

Santa has finished his work- every name checked off the list and now it is your turn! As we stare down the remainder of 2017- it's time to do what business owners typically do several times per year: Review~Refocus~Refuel REVIEW Consider asking yourself these questions- we are talking business, but this also works personally!! Honest assessments and reviews will help you understand what went well and where improvements can be made. What worked this year? What did not work? Are there specific are...

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Cheri Perry 12/27/2017 Comments(0)