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Credit Card Disputes: 3 Tips to reduce and possibly eliminate disputes

Conflict is a part of life and in the credit card processing world, we sure have our fair share of conflict! A 'Credit Card Dispute' happens when a customer is not happy with their purchase for any reason and they choose to contact their card issuing bank to reverse the credit card transaction. These disputes have many impacts on merchants and the credit card processing industry overall. Merchant Account Approvals: Because consumers have up to 6 months past any implied warranties to dispute a tr...

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Cheri Perry 2/11/2019 Comments(0)

Problem Solving POWER

All businesses come with their share of unique challenges and problems! That's the bad news! The good news? You have readily available resources for finding the answers to most of them! You have PROBLEM SOLVING POWER on your team. Many times, we think we have to 'go it alone'. We have certain responsibilities accompanied by an ever present list of challenges and solving each one of them has always been looked at as the job of the OWNER. Well I have some news- some great news actually! ...

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Cheri Perry 2/5/2019 Comments(0)

For The Love Of My Business

February is the month of LOVE and what better time to talk about loving YOUR business. Like most partnerships, things can sometimes be complex. When this happens, we have to focus on the BASICS to get the complex issues ironed out. The credit card processing industry is a mess of fees, regulations, issues and the list goes on. Hopefully these strategies below are useful to you and can help you keep the passion and the love for your business alive. When you are done reading them, please visit our...

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Cheri Perry 2/1/2019 Comments(0)

Credit Card Processing Rules

There are times in life when you really SHOULD follow the rules! Accepting credit cards is DEFINITELY one of those times! The operating rules and regulations are designed to protect card holders, financial institutions and lastly- the merchant. When you are aware of the rules as a business owner, you help reduce your risk for having your money held by the processing companies and you play a large part in reducing credit card fraud. Since cash flow is such a critical part of being in business, re...

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Cheri Perry 1/22/2019 Comments(0)

Keep Your Cash Flow- Flowing

There are lots of great things to enjoy in our businesses- POOR cash flow is not one of them! In order to keep your cash flow flowing, it is important that your merchant account be set up properly. Our team is in the habit of doing these things but just in case you accidentally chose a different processor, keep these things in mind! When setting up a merchant account, underwriting departments use a series of guidelines to 'approve' the account for credit card activity. Credit Worthiness Industry...

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Cheri Perry 1/14/2019 Comments(0)