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Back To Basics For Business Success

Sometimes we have to focus on the BASICS to get the complex issues ironed out in our lives and in our businesses! The credit card processing industry is a mess of fees, regulations, issues and the list goes on. Hopefully these strategies below are useful to you. When you are done reading them, please visit our Facebook page the link is listed below to share your thoughts and ideas! Together, we can help each other out. #1- KNOW YOUR WHY When times get tough financial barriers, customer ...

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Cheri Perry 6/18/2018 Comments(0)

Having FUN while you work!

If you’re a movie buff like I am, you’re probably familiar with the line from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining where Jack Nicholson’s character types out several pages of the same sentence: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While the context in the movie is a bit eerie, Jack's comment is actually truer than you might think! I’ve also heard the old saying Work is not supposed to be fun ~ that’s why it’s called WORK. I humbly disagree ~ I believe th...

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Guest Blogger: Shannon Fry 6/11/2018 Comments(0)


There are so many things to do every day as a business owner so figuring out ways to MAKE OUR LIVES EASIER- just makes good sense! Whether it is finding the right products, the right staff or the right business partners- we really can make a difference in our crazy world, by making some great choices. Since we know a few things about being a GREAT business partner- here are a few things you need to REQUIRE when looking for a Credit Card Processing PARTNER! Integrity: Having a processor that will...

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Cheri Perry 6/4/2018 Comments(0)

We Will Never Forget: Thank You!

If you spend any time at all in front of a television set, you know that 3 day weekends are some of the best times to go shopping; according to the advertisers. As a credit card processing company, it is intriguing to see how companies draw business in and encourage people to make purchases but yesterday, I counted 8 commercials that discussed the outdoor barbeques, time spent with loved ones, boating and a myriad of other activities: without mentioning the REAL reason we have these three days...

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Cheri Perry 5/28/2018 Comments(0)

Selecting The Right Processing Type For Your Business

The credit card processing industry has never been more exciting than it is today! Change is around every corner. Government intervention, security concerns & mobile technology have altered the industry forever. So how does a business owner determine what solution is the right one for their business? That is where we come in! Our team is dedicated to helping merchants navigate the dicey waters of the Merchant Services Industry with great staff members and lots of great education! Here are so...

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Cheri Perry 5/21/2018 Comments(0)