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Giving Back: Your Company's Secret Power!

As a small-business owner, involvement in your community’s activities gives potential customers another reason to trust and select your business. Companies that encourage community involvement to distinguish themselves from their competitors and can see many benefits, including: Loyal Customers Happier Employees Referral Opportunities Business owners can evaluate their business and employee strengths and select volunteer activities that draw upon those strengths. For example, T...

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Christina Suarez 4/19/2021 Comments(0)

Accountability: Steps to Success!

Every week, our team spends some good quality time honing our skills, elevating our level of service, and broadening our base of knowledge. These weekly meetings have become a great source of inspiration and our team routinely walks out of each session with an ACCOUNTABILITY item or action step for the following week. In the past, I would state my accountability action and not give it much more thought; until the following week! Not surprisingly, many members of my team found themselves doing th...

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Cheri Perry 4/12/2021 Comments(0)

Ready to Sell Online?

In the past, selling online was a confusing mess of multiple and often expensive options. Today, with TMC Shop Now , selling online is fairly simple and very affordable. TMC Shop Now is an easy solution that includes everything you need to add an online store to your existing website, OR to create a website if you don't have one! No need to hire a web designer or pay extra for hosting a website. TMC Shop Now is an all-in-one solution that makes selling products online easy, so you can focus on t...

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Cheri Perry 4/1/2021 Comments(0)

Cost and Price

Many potential business owners ask us the same question- what fees do you charge- what is the COST? And while the fee structure is a critical component- the actual COST of a merchant account goes much deeper. Selecting the RIGHT partner is GOOD for your bottom line. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating your current solution or a new processing partner. OVERALL EFFECTIVE RATE: When you divide the amount of processing volume INTO the fees paid to process that volume- you get your over...

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Cheri Perry 3/22/2021 Comments(0)

Leaving a Legacy With Your Business

How does what you do for work, make a difference in the world? I know very few business owners who have not pondered the answer to that question! All of the hard work, planning, competition, frustration the list goes on and on has got to be for something. So- have you considered what LEGACY you will leave with your business and your life's work? This month, we are taking a look at how we can make a long term difference in the world by being intentional about the Legacy we leave with our business...

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Cheri Perry 3/15/2021 Comments(0)