At TMC, we do have the ability to lease equipment however it is NOT our recommendation: here’s why!

Leasing very rarely equates to a good deal for a business owner. As a small business, we find it difficult to recommend a product or service we would not personally use. Leasing takes an affordable piece of equipment and doubles or triples (and sometimes even more!) the price of the equipment. In the short term, the small payments for leasing might be appealing, however here are a few facts you need to know that make the long term view of leasing a lot less appealing!

  • Leases are NON Cancellable contracts (no matter what a sales person might tell you).
  • Leases are typically written for a 4 year term PLUS a 10% buyout at the end of the lease.
  • Leases do not stop because your term is up, you must cancel within a specified amount of time and no refunds are issued if you miss the date.
  • Leases do not typically add any additional warranties or repair coverage.
  • Leases do not typically allow for upgrading to newer equipment.
  • Leases are typically a separate agreement above and beyond the merchant agreement for processing transactions.

In other words, it is almost always better to make a purchasing decision than it is to step into a long term leasing agreement.

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