SmartPhone/Mobile Options

SmartPhone/ Mobile Options

Go Mobile with TMC

We do EVERYTHING from our mobile phones today: receive our emails, coordinate our calendars, peruse the internet, and YES- we can accept our credit cards using our mobile phones today as well.

You can use your smartphone by itself in conjunction with an online payment gateway-eliminating the need for any extra devices and utilizing services such as online payments, invoicing, and recurring billing. You can also connect contactless card devices to your smartphone. 

Technology has given us the ability to turn that SmartPhone into a mobile credit card device. Before you determine if this high tech acceptance method is right for you, you will want to consider

  • Customer Experience
  • Volume
  • Ease of Use
  • Work Environment
  • Costs Associated

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SmartPhone Alternatives

Wireless Credit Card Machine- If you are processing an abundance of cards in a mobile environment, a mobile all-in-one terminal might be your best option. Wireless terminals have the ability to process credit cards without using smartphones and tablets- many business owners like this option because it separates their handheld devices from their customers.
Laptop Computer- This is a great option if you have wireless capability. Online secure payment gateways have so many enhanced options. You can process credit cards securely, capture important data, generate critical reports, and send out emailed receipts. Laptops can be outfitted with card readers or transactions can be key entered.
Tablet- Tablets can be used with online gateways or with contactless card devices. You may want to consider the expense of the tablet and whether you want your customers touching and holding your tablet. There are some stands available that can make this a more sturdy option.

Your team at TMC is dedicated to discussing all of the options and helping you determine which one is the right fit' for your particular business.

There are NO 'One Size Fits All' solutions in the credit card processing world. Please contact us to help you identify the right SmartPhone/Wireless processing solution for your business.