Certified Business Specialist

Our CBS Training fits nicely into your training and development program and can be used as part of your onboarding process for new team members as well as longstanding team members. This 12-session course will leave your team feeling confident and capable of helping the businesses in your community. As an added bonus, the last session is designed to give your team tips and suggestions to put their knowledge to work in the community.
The 12 Self Directed Courses:
  1. CU Approach to Business
  2. What Makes a Great Business Services Rep
  3. How People Are Wired (DISC)
  4. Why People Get Into Business
  5. Organization Types
  6. 5 Areas of Every Business
  7. Business Services/Needs
  8. MVP (Mission, Vision, Purpose)
  9. Staffing/Hiring
  10. Marketing/Social Media/Branding
  11. 4 Seasons of a Business
  12. Serving the Businesses in Our Community.
Pricing for CBS Training
1-9 Participants $299 Per Person
10-20 Participants $199 Per Person
21+ Participants $149 Per Person

Questions? Fill out the form below to get more information about this program or give your TMC team a call @888-249-9919.