3, 2 ,1 Contactless

As a business owner, you know Staying in Contact is a big deal, but these days so is being Contactless. Contactless payments are a fast, more secure, and hygienic way to make purchases with a debit or credit card, or a mobile wallet such as Apple Pay® and Google Pay™. Read on to learn why it’s becoming an increasingly popular and advantageous payment method for you as well as your customers. What are Contactless Payments? As the name suggests, it is a payment that you take using...

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Upselling – Pushy Sales or Customer Service?

What comes to mind when you think about Upselling? Somehow the word has the connotation of being a pushy salesman or brings to mind the TV ads you feel are over when you hear BUT WAIT! or THERE’S MORE. No business wants to be known for pushy salespeople or trying to sell people things they don’t need just to get more cash in the drawer, but let’s take a deeper look into what we call Upselling. When done for the right reasons, upselling becomes effective customer service that ca...

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