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Monday, April 1, 2024
So how does a little green plant help your business? It might or it might not, but the Clover POS System has some great features that WILL!
What is Clover?
Clover is a POS (Point of Sale) system that can really give you a “step-up” with your card processing.
With several options to choose from you can streamline your processing and other business activities as well! Here are a few of the Clover units available below. 
Clover Station Pro
Clover station is a full-featured POS for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses needing more than a credit card terminal, available with a cash register, menu, online ordering, voids, refunds, tips, reporting, etc. 
Clover Mini
Mini is small enough to fit into any space but packs plenty of POS power to run your full house, front to back. Swipe, dip, tap, or take cash—accept all the ways your customers like to pay. Mini can be as minimal or full-featured as you want it to be. Monitor your sales, refunds, and best-selling items from any computer or mobile device.
Clover Flex 
This unit is closer to the size of a traditional processing terminal but has so many more bells and whistles! Countertop or Mobile – Flex gives you “flexibility”.
Why Clover?
Clover is robust covering most needs, with several apps available from the app market to help your business run smoothly.
All Clover accounts come with Homebase which is an employee management app that includes:
  • Scheduling – Send via email or text (Create and distribute the schedule from anywhere)
  • Manage Time-off requests
  • Handle shift trades
  • Free iPhone & Android apps for employees
  • Employee reminders one hour before their shift
With great tech support, an easy-to-use dashboard, and the ability to process over cellular data in case the internet goes down or you don’t have internet, the Clover can truly make it your “Lucky Day” every day.

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Or contact your TMC team at @888-249-9919 if you have any questions or if you are interested in Clover for your business!

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Cheri Perry 4/1/2024