The Lesson in the Unexpected

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

I love attending events and stretching my mind as a business owner. Learning how can I make things better for my company, for my staff and for the finances is a never-ending journey. Maybe you can relate! What I find most intriguing however, is when unexpected situations end up teaching me the best lessons.
I recall an event when I ended up catching a flu bug and was only able to attend 1 of the three days scheduled for the conference. As luck would have it, I was traveling with two of my team members and even though I missed the lion’s share of the event - Our company, our staff
and our financial outlook for the future did not! Here are the lessons I learned!
When you are clear with your mission and the way you want your company to be regarded, your team notices and they work to help you achieve that mission. From the simplest things like the way we answer the phones to the most complex- how we handle outside events or service challenges- a CLEAR MISSION helps the team deliver on the promises you make as an owner. Without clarity in the mission, it is difficult for the team to know what to do, how to respond and what actions to take- especially if you are not available. Your mission is the foundation of the success in your business.
Getting the right people to help you fulfill your mission is very important. When you take the time to hire well and then spend the time, energy & money to train well- you have that magic elixir that will help you develop a team that you can count on. When these well-trained team members feel valued, important and most importantly- cared for by you- they will strive to meet and exceed whatever it takes to reach the mission you have clearly layed out. When this happens, you will find that you have created a HOME away from HOME and that your work family becomes very precious to you.
As you fall in love with your team, you develop trust and that trust lets you do something that most business owners never do; LET GO. With a strong and purposeful mission, the right systems in place and a well-trained team at the wheel- business owners can begin to enjoy some of the freedoms they worked so diligently to create. Team members get additional opportunities to expand and grow but taking on new responsibilities and bringing up a new crop of well-trained team members- the work family grows. There is a real difference between
letting go and being an absentee owner however- that mission and care for your team can never wane- it must stay strong to ensure the future of your business.
The conference I mentioned earlier was a great one and our team got tons of great information even though the leader of the organization was not able to attend every session. Why? My team knew our mission and carried on perfectly in my absence! They brought the energy and the attention that is our mission at TMC. Why? We spend lots of time, energy and money training our team and they live and breathe our mission. The ULTIMATE Why is YOUR Why- your mission. It is the foundation and when the unexpected happens, all the training kicks in and your team is free to shine!

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Cheri Perry 12/26/2023