What Is Your Unique Skillset?

Monday, September 13, 2021

Understanding the strengths your team possesses is critical to the success of any company. In other words, having the right people in the right seats can make all the difference

Each of us is wired to do a few things very well. If our daily tasks revolve around those few things, life is good! If, on the other hand, our daily tasks revolve around areas outside of our strengths, life can be tough. As business owners or managers, we simply must take the time to determine if the members of our team are 'wired' for their positions. 

  • Right Position + Wrong Person = LOST $$ & Talents (replace or remove staff member)
  • Right Person + Wrong Position = LOST $$ & Talents (relocate the staff member)
  • Right Position + Right Person = Right Mix! (try to duplicate this!!)

What happens when you have the Right Position but the Wrong Person? In this instance, the position at your company is clearly defined, the role is laid out very carefully and the position is adding value to the company overall. The wrong person has a special knack for messing up this position. Things take longer than they should, tasks are more difficult to complete and things tend to be a bit of a struggle. The 'wrong' person makes life difficult for those around them, points out the negatives of the position or the job and has a bit of a negative vibe. It is highly unlikely that this personality type would make a good fit in any position so you may want to consider that they have not found their calling with your company.

What happens when you have the Right Person but the Wrong Position? In this instance, the 'right' person has a can do attitude. They struggle to get their tasks done and have challenges with completing their work. They do eventually get things done however they are not setting any records. They try multiple ways however the position still remains a struggle for them. Their values, work ethic & attitude are in line with your company so finding a better fit for this staff member would be the best course of action.

What happens when you have the Right Person in the Right Position? Magic! The tasks are usually completed in record time, the person completing the tasks has a jovial attitude and enjoys their daily list of to do's. Rather than a struggle, obstacles are viewed as opportunities for growth and additional contribution. This person and this position are meant for each other, growth occurs within the role and the person.

When we take the time to really assess the strengths of our team and then match those strengths with the various positions within our company, we save a lot of time, money and effort.

Cheri Perry 9/13/2021

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