Welcome to 2012: Resolutions Anyone?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012! 

A New Year has begun and for many it means time for resolutions and refocusing! 

Here at TMC, we are looking at ways to be of MORE service and add more value to those who partner with our company.  We are excited to let you know that our merchants & referral partners are going to benefit from our renewed commitment and focus in some exciting business building areas!
Here is a glimpse of things to come in the New Year! 

  • Excellent Customer Service:  this is our PASSION at TMC and we are always in the process of improving our level of service.  There are tons of books to read, classes to take and seminars to attend for more information.  We will (of course) turn to our most valuable resource as well ~ our Merchants ~ to learn how to exceed expectations!
  • Social Media:  there are so many ways to increase business using these valuable tools!  At TMC, we will be learning and sharing everything we can, in an attempt to help the businesses we serve grow and expand their businesses.  Tools like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+ give us all the opportunity to reach more potential clients and increase our bottom lines!  Understanding how they work and how we can use them to benefit our businesses can be time consuming, so we are going to help!
  • Referrals:  it is expensive to advertise and try to draw customers to our businesses!  Referrals level the playing field and when done properly, referrals can give us a HUGE advantage over our competitors!  We LOVE referrals at TMC and have been blessed to have a business model built around them.  In 2012, we are taking it up a notch and really digging in to learn new and more efficient ways to improve the number of referrals we earn!  We will share this information with our merchants and together, we will make this the year of the REFERRAL.
  • Processing Technology & Efficiency:  the credit card processing industry seems to be changing every 5 seconds!  Last year we watched mobile technology and government intervention rock our world!  The upside to our industry is also one of the main reasons it is so exciting: it is ALWAYS evolving!  In 2012, we will see mobile options increase and improve (speed of service & security) and we will be keeping a close eye on NFC- Near Field Communication, as it is sure to change the way we use and process credit cards (again).

A New Year is a great time to get focused and prepare to WIN!  It is our desire that our focus will benefit you and help your business in 2012!  Stay tuned for valuable Blog posts, Webinars and other tools that you can use to improve and increase your business. 
We are looking forward to being of service and to hearing of your successes in this New Year!  



Cheri Perry 1/1/2012

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