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Monday, April 8, 2019

Have you ever noticed that motivation is a DAILY job?  It's not one of those 'get it done once' things, it is something that we have to work at all of the time!  You might think that being a SMILEY makes my job easy but let me tell you- I have to work at it every day as well!  OK- so when I look in the mirror- I am immediately reminded that I am HAPPY most of the time but even those optimistically minded among us, need to be sure to get daily doses of motivation!  
Here are a few of my best Sir Smiley Tips on keeping that attitude right where it needs to be to keep both your business and personal lives- moving in the skyward direction!

SmileATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE:  Finding joy in the tiniest of things really gets the ball rolling in the gratitude department. When you are grateful- things just have a way of looking up! When the TODO list gets crazy, the minutes start passing at the speed of light and the long line of others needing your support seems endless- take a breath!  Look around for the little things to be thankful for and soon you will find that wonderful energy returning!

LaughingPROPER PERSPECTIVE:  It's pretty easy to get overwhelmed but when you consider things in the GRAND scheme- you soon find that you can most likely deal with whatever the situation is, just by putting things into their proper perspective.  Have a challenge that seems monstrous?  Chunk it down into manageable pieces and change your perspective! Have a team member that is difficult at times?  Just consider all the amazing things they do to make life easier and change your perspective!  Have a day that just seems intent on not turning out as planned?  Consider that EVERYTHING has a way of working itself out and change your perspective!

SmileGET A WIN!!:  Of course!  Who doesn't like winning?  One of the easiest things we can do in the midst of a hectic work or personal schedule is to make sure we give ourselves a way to win every single day!  Neverending task list at work?  List the top priorities and consider that completing those items WELL will be your WIN.  You might have other tasks that manage to linger but you will feel GREAT when you give yourself a way to win -even if the entire list does not get done!  Have a lot going on at home and not sure you will get to every needed thing?  Highlight a few of the biggest priorities and give your self-permission to WIN.

CoolMUSIC:  Very few things have the power to lift your spirits like music!  Do you have a POWER PLAYLIST?  If Motown makes your mind sing or Bryan Adams takes you to another place, then get that list put together and have it ready and available for when you need a little pick me up!  Music is simply Magically Motivating Medicine! (Turn it UP!!)

Business can be crazy and even those of us who are naturally UPBEAT need a few ways to keep the motivation fuel tank filled up!  Hopefully, my tips can help you keep your motivation level high throughout your entire week and remember- KEEP SMILING!

Sir Smiley 4/8/2019

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