The Beauty of Leadership

Monday, July 27, 2015
When you own a company, there are lots of pressures and responsibilities that come with the Leadership role.  So when moments come that highlight the benefits of leadership; they are truly worthy of sharing!

Ongoing training and continued education is critically important for any growing business and I'm often amazed at how much I learn from the members of my team during our training sessions. While I am the leader, seeing the personal leadership developing in each member of my team is rewarding beyond words.

As we worked together discussing and learning the benefits of Personal Responsibility, I sat and learned from my team.  The willingness to share openly and honestly with their TMC family was, in a word, BEAUTIFUL.  Listening to the wisdom and stories of each person reminded me that no matter what our position is within a company, we have someting to contribute to those around us. Taking the time to be real and value ourselves enough to share what we know and what we've experienced, can enrich the lives of those around us.
When you work in an environment that is designed to help each person grow, you end up getting more than just your 'work' done and that is the
Beauty of Leadership!

We will be sharing our team's wisdom on our Facebook page this week- enjoy!  (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TEAM's WORDS OF WISDOM)

Cheri Perry 7/27/2015

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