Start With the Foundation

Monday, September 10, 2018
Unless you want your business to suffer the fate of the two little pigs, we STRONGLY suggest making sure your FOUNDATION is strong!   Creating a business founded on the principles that endure makes everything manageble.  And lets face it, business ownership is riddled with obstacles, challenges and situations that really require a rock steady foundation.  Here are a few foundational tools!

    When you have a clear set of values for your company, it's like having a road map. Core values like Integrity, Passion and Excellence lay a foundation that lets your team know that you have standards that must be kept.  They send a powerful message and keep your entire organization on the road to delivering a wonderful experience.
    When you start with your core values and stay within your area of expertise, you are creating a foundation that even the big bad wolf cannot blow over!  Many companies are so busy trying to be everything to everyone, that they 'thin out' their gifts! Once the gifts are thinned out- the cracks begin to form and that foundation begins to crumble.  Finding and staying in your area of expertise  will help you build a foundation that will stand the test of time.
    If you have ever experienced service delivered by someone who LOVES what they do, you have experienced someone working within their passion! There is a strength that comes from doing what you love; a power that insulates you from hard times, distractions and the sometimes overwhelming odds!  When you work within your passion and you LOVE what you do for a living, there are no challenges that can permanently damage your foundation.

There were three little pigs in that fabled story and two of them lost everything because the foundations they built were weak.  But oh how great it was to be that third pig.  No matter what that old wolf threw at him, he was safe- his foundation was strong!  When you build your business with strong core values, you stay wihin your area of expertise and you work within your field of passion- the competitors, the challenges and the drama that accompany every business journey will be no match for your amazing FOUNDATION!
Cheri Perry 9/10/2018

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