Small Business America

Tuesday, July 5, 2022
One of the great pleasures of our business is that we get to work with so many small businesses across America. As we just celebrated Independence Day, we are again reminded of WHY we love what we do here at TMC.
The small businesses we work with are the heartbeat of our communities. These are the places where you can go to connect with your local friends and families. Places where we see young kids getting ready to go back to school, a lady needing a cardboard box to use at her home, and an older couple just stopping by for some evening snacks. They create jobs for the community and help build our economy. The mom-and-pop shops are the very presence that makes a neighborhood OUR neighborhood.
Just like that old TV show CHEERS, our small business owners have a special gift for remembering names and tidbits about our lives. They greet you with a smile and welcome you into their lives with open arms. That kind of service is much rarer than we would like to see these days, and much more prevalent at the small businesses located across America.
Many of the businesses we serve are second, third, and even 4th generation businesses. Back in the day, your parents or their parents (and so on) went to work every day to create a lasting legacy, an entity that would survive them and provide an opportunity for their families to serve and support the communities where they lived. When you venture into these kinds of businesses, you can feel the history and see the 'Legacy Building' in action.
Why not take a trip to visit some local businesses?
Life can get busy, but we should never forget there are amazing places, friendly faces and wonderful businesses supporting our communities.
Cheri Perry 7/5/2022