Right People, Right Seat, Right Work

Monday, October 16, 2023
How is your team wired? If you are lucky like we are, you have people on your team who can (and DO) whatever is necessary to make things work the way they should. However, there is a big difference between a staff who does what they must and a staff who does what they LOVE!
In order to deliver on the promises of Excellence, Stellar Service and a Top Notch Experience- teams need to be filled up with the Right People, sitting in the Right Seats, who are doing the Right Work! Defining your objectives and identifying the specifics related to a person's talents and abilities is not an easy task, but it will prove to be a worthy investment of your time, energy and yes- your money! Here are a few of the things we have found to be helpful over the years:
A person can be very talented and still be poisonous to your team! When considering a candidate, focus on their character. Most details of any organization can be taught but it is very difficult to teach people things like honesty, integrity, gratitude and a strong work ethic. When you begin with these amazing character traits, the rest of the training process becomes much easier!
I recently interviewed a young lady and she made an interesting comment; "I LOVED that position and if they were still around, I would most likely still be working there!". She gave me the perfect opportunity to ask a really great question! Why did she love that position so much? Hidden within her answer, were the secrets we will need to create the same type of loyalty with her new position, at our company. Asking people what they like in a work environment, what they don't like and what things make them the most productive, can really give a business owner the guidelines necessary to create a mutually beneficial work environment.
Once upon a time, a 'jack of all trades' mentality served our company well. As we have grown over the years, it has become necessary to have more clearly defined roles. It's not that people are unwilling or incapable of numerous different functions within a job (thank goodness they are!)- it's just that 'other duties as assigned' can often times become a death sentence to a strong and productive team. Clearly defining a role and then finding the person who can naturally fulfill the specific needs of the position is just a better, long term way to take care of the people on your team.
All of the things I have mentioned sound great- but how do you make it all come together? Simple: Investing in the hiring and training process. All investments need to begin with you. When you invest in yourself, you have more to give and to contribute to others. Reading books, listening to CD's and watching DVD's or attending seminars is an incredible way to reinforce yourself. Then look for some ways to invest in your processes at work. Consider the following:
  • Hiring a Consultant: just getting a different view of your company can help you to identify areas that could be fine tuned.
  • Assessments: Personality assessments, strength finders and such tools can not only be fun, but very helpful in identifying the various strengths and personalities on your team.
  • Time: Such a precious commodity today, time is one of the very best ways to invest in your team! Take the time to get to know your team. Take the time to identify the processes (what works & what doesn't) within your company. Take the time to identify steps for constant improvement.
Having the Right People, in the Right Seats, doing the Right Work will allow the members of your team to engage in daily work that they LOVE. Please feel free to share any of your experiences and advice!

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Cheri Perry 10/16/2023