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Monday, February 16, 2015



Last weekend, I read the most AMAZING book.  I was flying back from an event where Darren Hardy was the featured speaker and his message was powerful.  The simple steps he outlines in his book have the power to transform your business and your personal life!  Click on the image above to get your copy; after you take a moment to read the quick review below!

The little things make all the difference!  Rewiring our companies and our personal lives for maximized success is more about the little things we do every day than those massive decisions so many think are responsible for failure or success.  In Darren Hardy's book, the COMPOUND EFFECT, he highlights the power of compounding good decisions and how your daily choices can lead you to your desired end result or, in the instance of a lack of focus or poor choices, a lackluster performance. The book is a quick read, filled with simple steps to make achieving your goals inevitable.  Here are the main points:


  • Making excellent DAILY CHOICES to give a little more or to go a little further, will have a dramatic COMPOUND EFFECT on your results.
  • Excellent choices lead to strong HABITS, which enable us to get into a rhythm of doing things well on a consistent basis.
  • When we work our developed (positive) habits long enough, we gain the benefit of MOMENTUM which can seem almost like a super power, propelling you towards your goals.
  • Being careful about what we allow to INFLUENCE us will make all the difference.  What people, media and activities are helping or hindering your success?
  • No matter if you are running a business or a marathon; the time will come when you hit 'the wall'.  The decisions you make at these critical times will determine if you gain the edge and ACCELERATE your progress or veer off course.


The book is fantastic, filled with 'back to basic' tips and the exercises are real eye openers!  We hope this book review will help you to take your business and personal goals to the next level!!  

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Cheri Perry 2/16/2015

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