How Gratitude Advances Marketing

Sunday, April 30, 2017
In her Forbes Magazine Article, Cheryl Conner discusses how gratitude impacts marketing.  Here are some specific tips related to some very powerful Social Media Platforms (the link at the bottom will take you to the full article!)

  1. YouTube. Share videos on various social networking sites that “speak” to your interests and principles, while also commenting to express your appreciation of their content and their value to you.
  2. Twitter. Twitter provides the ideal opportunity to show gratitude for someone’s remark by retweeting it. Retweets provide great information for your own network while also recognizing someone's contribution to your own immediate sphere. “A retweet is a recognition of someone’s value to you. That’s a form of thanks,” Toto says. Tweeting someone’s photo/article/blog post or informative essay is a way to show gratitude for the fact they've said something you find interesting, and you’re recognizing it publicly. Make sure to give public recognition via #FollowFriday (or #ff) as well. By giving a shout out, you are showing someone you are grateful and suggesting that your own followers can learn from them as well. You can comment on an update, a news story or just about anything else to show your gratitude to a follower. Tell people “hey, I appreciate you putting that up.” Media and businesses have promoted “likes” on Facebook so much that Toto says the mechanism has become over saturated. “It only takes a second to comment and goes much further,” she says.
  3. Facebook Live. You can comment and share someone’s Facebook Live video, Toto says. “I have made a Facebook Live video sharing a business, book review as well as a testimony about another person or business while tagging them in the Facebook Live Video,” she suggests.
  4. LinkedIn. The very best way to express gratitude on LinkedIn is to recommend someone, congratulate them on their job anniversary or endorse them for a particular skill. “It takes less than five minutes to do this, and adds weight and credibility to their profile,” she says. “If a connection performs a great service for you (your mechanic, your advisor, or your real estate agent), write them a recommendation.”
  5. Instagram. Reposting pictures, sharing, liking, using # hashtags to acknowledge a company and following others on Instagram is a way to show gratitude for the information someone else has shared. Toto believes Instagram will surpass Facebook in 2017, partly because pictures “are worth a thousand words” and provide quick-read eye candy to readers that advance both B2B or B2C sales.
Guest Blogger 4/30/2017