Here Come The Holidays!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some people think that November is the start to the Holiday season but a quick trip down the center isle of your local supermarket will soon prove that HALLOWEEN is the sweet start of the silly season!  This next week people will be busy filling up candy bowls, customizing their costumes and putting the final touches on their ghoulish party plans. 
Then we are off to the 'Big 3': Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! 

As business owners, one of two things is happening right now:

1- You are winding down from a busy summer and getting ready to plan out 2011 or

2- You are running around like crazy, getting ready for your busiest time of the year


In either case, here are a few timely tips to make sure that your Cash Flow is as steady as possible during the last 2 months of 2010:

A- Stock up on the candy!  You are sure to need a good sugar fix sometime during the middle of November Laughing
     (Right after Halloween you get the best deals on Candy!!)
B- Make sure you have plenty of cash register tape and credit card machine paper stocked up before you need it!

C- Make sure you have imprinter slips just in case a customer's card will not swipe through your credit card machine.
     (Getting an imprint of the card can help insulate you against future chargebacks!)
D- Make sure you test your online payment system to insure that things are running smoothly before the orders start to pick up.

E- Check with your financial institution for programs that might make your life easier:
     1- They can help reconcile your account to make sure everything is balanced properly
     2- They can talk to you about overdraft protection if you find things are running tighter than you like
     3- They can discuss options like Lines of Credit or Microloans to get you though your busy season


During all of the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, keeping your finances in order and making sure you don't run out of critical supplies will help make things less stressful!  This way you can enjoy the JOY of being busy and still enjoy the JOY of the season as well.  Let us know if Total Merchant Concepts can do anything to make accepting credit cards or gift cards easier for your during this holiday season:  we wish you every success!  Sir Smiley signing off until next time Cool

Sir Smiley 10/24/2010

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