Good News (Financially)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some months back I was at a business conference and one of the presenters said that he had decided 'Not To Participate in the Recession'.  I LOVED that idea and the power it contained!


While the financial worries of the day are not completely behind us, there is some good news!  Here at TMC, we are seeing a solid flow of new businesses as well as steady increases in transaction volume by our existing merchants.  There are still signs that the economy has not completed its recovery but for the most part, the businesses we have the pleasure of working with are moving in the right direction.


Perhaps the reason we are moving in the right direction is because we are taking better care of our finances.  It looks like many Americans are taking a fresh look at their finances and deciding to refocus:


43% of adults keep close track of their spending; up from 39% in '07

67% of adults have non-retirement savings; up from 36% in '07

34% of adults gave themselves a C, D or F for financial literacy; down from 41% in '09


Keeping track of finances as small business owners is certainly a great way to stay on top of the bottom line!  In the past 14+ years, we have learned many lessons about business ownership, financial struggles, abundance & the power of a clear vision!  Please visit our web site for some incredible business building tips and a variety of different ideas you may find useful as you continue to work your way through 2010.


The economic roller coaster ride may not be over however we can choose NOT TO PARTICIPATE but taking care of the things that helps us grow our businesses!  When we stick together and learn from our collective experiences, we can weather any storm!


Success & Blessings to you and yours~  Cheri

Cheri Perry 10/14/2010

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