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Monday, March 2, 2015

It is impossible to spend time in Florida and not FEEL the impact of Disney!  If you have never read up on the magic created by Walt Disney, I assure you you will find his story to be an absolute treasure of business lessons: check out this video! (As Dreamers Do: Amazing Life of Walt Disney

This week, our daily social media posts will feature a character from the wonderful world of Disney and a thought to help you with your business and HAVE MORE FUN doing business like Disney!

One of the things I love the most about Walt's work is his cast of characters- his team.  In business, we need to surround ourselves with a strong cast of characters to help our businesses grow.   It has often been said that if you have a BIG dream- you need a DYNAMIC team and without such a team, even the best dreams fall to the wayside.

mickeyNo team is complete without a LEADER; someone who sets the pace, holds the bar high and sets the sails of the business while they weather any storms that are sure to come along.

minniecheerCheerleaders and supporters are a MUST in business and can often be found at home and later on with delighted customers and their friends and family. Cultivate these spirited believers as they will give you the fuel you need when times get tough! 

jiminyThinkers help a team grow and can point out things that might need attention before they cause harm.  Thinkers also have the ability to untangle any messes and create growth opportunities as well. Providing opportunities for these creative thinkers to flourish, will help the entire team continue on towards the finish line.

goofyGreat teams have those 'Happy Go Lucky' members that lighten the mood and make things a bit more fun than 'Business as Usual'.  Their unique perspective can also be instrumental in product development and enhancing service levels.  These characters are like the seasoning that makes a dish so wonderful to enjoy.

grumpyTask oriented team members help keep the rest of the team moving in the desired direction and can often help to get things back on track should the train come off the rails.Without them, dreams and goals have a much harder time actually getting completed so their energy is crucial to the success of your team overall.

Having a diverse and rich team of individuals will help you grow your business, be of more service to your clients and who knows- you might even be able to work a little magic like Walt and leave a tremendously FUN legacy!

Cheri Perry 3/2/2015

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