Controlling What I Can!

Monday, January 12, 2015


As business owners, we have lots to deal with every day and it is amazing how many of us (I'm looking in a mirror right now Smile ) try to change things we have no control over!  In the MERCHANT SERVICES world, there are quite a few of those frustrating unchangeables!!  Interchange rates, technology changes, confusing statements....the list could go on and on.  

Today, we wanted to highlight a few of the things YOU DO HAVE CONTROL over in the crazy world of Credit Card Processing!

  • Excellent Service:  As a business owner you can say NO to poor service and non responsive companies.  By requiring companies to deliver on their promises of exceptional service and finding better solutions when they don't; we can reduce the number of bad apples we have to deal with and make our own lives much easier!
  • Flexible Processing Solutions: Today, there are multiple options to fit the various needs of your specific business!  Working with antiquated or complicated systems is no longer one of the things you have to 'deal' with.  You can choose to use a system that fits perfectly with your business and your valuable customers!
  • NonCompliance Fees: Compliance is certainly something we have to deal with in the credit card processing industry but staying IN COMPLIANCE is completely within your control.  When you are compliant- you eliminate non compliance fees!
  • Surprise Fees:  Believe it or not, this is an area that is also within your control!  Some diligence BEFORE signing any agreement can prevent those unexpected (and expensive) fees.  Read the fine print, have your sales rep line everything out in writing and control the expenses your company sees each month.
  • Who You Do Business With:  You would never knowingly step into a business agreement with someone who would rip you off right?  So consider that a Credit Card Processor is part of your business growth team and really check up on the company BEFORE you make your decision!  Asserting your control in this particular area can really help you keep your fee structure competitive and develop the kind of relationships you want to have as you work to grow your business.

We do not have CONTROL over everything, but when we take the time to control the things we can, we end up with better business partners, competive rate structures and a lot less frustration!  

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Cheri Perry 1/12/2015

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