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Monday, May 4, 2015



I remember thinking that small business ownership was going to work out a certain way - you know, the poolside margaritas and lots of money just flowing in from every place.  It's safe to say that the daily life of an entrepreneur sometimes turns out differently than we expect!

Here is a glimpse into a typical day- see if you can relate!

If you still have a passion for your business like I do, you probably begin your day several hours before your team arrives at work (unless you are lucky enough to have a Joe Taylor- he is an early riser as well!). You spend valuable time reviewing the direction of your company and line out your plan for the day. This might be one of 'those' days when nothing goes according to plan!  You greet your team and handle emails, phone calls and the occasional challenging situation questions. You attend a networking luncheon and race back to your office to conduct a web based training. Just after your meeting ends, you reply to a long standing customer's voicemail- left on your personal cell phone and your team rallies to prep an emergency terminal replacement. Several emails, calls and tasks later- you head for the door. On the way out of the office for the day, you cast a cheerful glance at your business sign and all of the cars lined up in front- so very thankful for the people that call your business their home away from home. You drive thru the USPS drive thru, depositing your collection of invoices and thank you letters and head for the CU (to make a deposit) and then UPS- to drop off the last minute supply order for a client. On your way to deliver the replacement terminal for your 911 situation, you recap your day.

  • Planning - Check (pretty much)
  • Emails/Phone calls- Check (pretty much)
  • Meaningful Staff interaction - Check Smile
  • Todo List- (expanded)
  • GRATITUDE- check

As you finish your final install of the day and soak in the true gift of being of service, your well used brain slips into neutral and you finally make it home. No poolside margaritas today.  However, if you are like me, you feel tuckered out and excited to do it again tomorrow!  

My good friend Howard Partridge says that "your business exists for one reason and one reason only- to be a vehicle to help you achieve your LIFE goals".  How exciting to live in America where we can go to work each day, be of service to those around us and work towards achieving our goals!  Have a great week!

Cheri Perry 5/4/2015

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