Marketing Tips

Word of MouthWord of mouth is the miracle that has allowed TMC to operate with little to no marketing dollars!

This is where we would recommend starting your marketing!  Talking about your product or service with passion will have people wondering how they can work with you!  This will be Marketing Tip #1.


Get everyone involved in talking about your business!  Your staff, your vendors and perhaps most importantly- your customers!  In the book RAVING FANS, they talk about the power of a customer who turns into a Raving Fan- they can’t stop talking about you!  This type of marketing cannot be purchased- it must be earned!


Often times, the local newspaper and business association newsletters will feature your company at no charge to you!  It is a good idea to contact them and see what opportunities exist! 


Chambers are looking for ways to promote and help you grow your business so consider attending their events, becoming a member and possibly advertising in their magazine or newsletter.


Check with your financial institution for opportunities to display your business card or brochure.  Many progressive financial institutions have opportunities for you to meet other members or clients.  You may also want to consider if your product or service could be of service to your financial institution.


They say that the best competitor is often your strongest competitor!  Meaning, that someone who is having success in your industry can be a big help to you and you, in turn will be able to help others as well.  Many industries have associations devoted to the particular needs and concerns of a specialized industry.  They have newsletters and events that you could attend for new ideas!