Service Tips

Do What You LoveAt Total Merchant Concepts, we have always considered that you have MANY options when choosing a credit card processor.

From the very beginning, we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of Excellence- most especially as it relates to Service!  We hope that our tips for service will help your business to become one that your customers could not live without- that is our goal!


In order to provide stellar service, you have to have a bit of a love affair with your own product or service!  I know it sounds silly, but we still LOVE to talk about credit card processing and the difference TMC has made in the lives of business owners across the country!  We remain passionate about Excellent Service because we have remained passionate and interested in our particular product/service!


The longer you do something, the easier it is to ‘let yourself off the hook’.  Resist that urge at all costs and elevate the bar for your business.  For you as the business owner, for your team and for the customers you have the privilege to serve!  As a business owner, continue to ask the tough questions- how can I improve, am I expecting excellence from my team, what adjustments can I personally make to be a better boss?  As a manager or employee ask yourself some real tough questions?  Am I bringing my very best to work each day, would I hire me, what contribution am I making to my team?  Keeping the bar elevated will go a long way towards making sure that your organization develops a reputation for excellence!


Often times we get so busy running our business or doing our job that we forget to check the results!  Just like an airplane that will remain off course for most of its journey, a business can only be kept pointing in the right direction with constant direction!  Do you have different measures in place to monitor your own personal productivity and that of your team?


Some of the very best feedback I have ever received has come from merchants who actually left TMC to go elsewhere

(Smile I know, no one should EVER leave.)

When we have a merchant make that painful decision, we always follow up with a letter asking for the type of feedback that might have prevented the merchant from leaving.  We take this critical information and look for ways to improve our service!  We also ask happy, long term merchants what we are doing right and we continue to reinforce those habits as well!  Getting honest, accurate feedback from your customers will show that you care and that you are willing to do what it takes to continually earn the business!

#5 - HAVE FUN!

Sounds silly but this is one of those things you just have to do!  Keeping life fun- even at work- keeps our level of service HIGH and worthy of continued and repeat business.  If you work alone- you will like yourself better!  If you have a team, they will like each other better and YES--they will like you better as well.  A team that plays together- stays together and is able to provide a very warm place for your customers to call home!