Our Passion Is Service

Monday, March 13, 2023

Best Customer Service! Stellar Service Guaranteed!

Award Winning Customer Service!


As consumers, we are all sick and tired of hearing the many promises of exceptional service, only to find that most companies fall painfully short in the service department. Think about it? When is the last time you experienced truly exceptional service and how do some companies manage to deliver when so many others fail miserably?

Getting Your Team On Board

In the movie ELF- our hero notices a sign regarding a 'special' cup of coffee and bursts into the establishment to congratulate the staff- CLICK HERE to watch the 20 second movie clip. Did you notice the looks on the staff's faces? They were not only shocked by the well wishes but they lacked any enthusiasm. A later scene in the movie would reveal that the coffee was no where near the claims posted outside of the establishment. One of the best ways to deliver on the promises of exceptional service is to engage and involve everyone in your business so they are aware of and can contribute to your desired end result.

Under Promise- OVER Deliver

In the movie Falling Down, Michael Douglas has already tripped over the fine edge of sanity when he orders a plump and juicy Whammy Burger. When his fare is delivered, he finds that the real item pales in comparison to the picture! CLICK HERE to watch the 35 second movie clip. If excellence in service is your true aspiration, you simple must get in the habit of under promising and over delivering. Your customers will believe your promises as long as their experiences match! When your claims overstate your actual service or product promises- you are on your way to the very crowded space of poor service performers.

Passion Delivers

It is VERY easy to get in the 'routine' of any position or career. We simple must remind ourselves and our teams what business we are in and WHY what we do is so important! TMC's physical product is merchant services and other payment options but what we deliver is Exceptional Service. If our team forgets this, we soon find ourselves delivering our physical products in a very apathetic manner. Our WHY is simple- the industry we reside in is notorious for substandard service and a lack of integrity and we choose to be the exception. We spend time WEEKLY discussing our WHYS, our areas for improvements and our personal goals. What is your WHY? Does your staff know what your unique proposition is and are they passionate about delivering on your promises? Do you spend time as a team to increase awareness and your passion?

The empty promises of unbelievable service are well......unbelievable! Consumers are beginning to understand the power that their voices and their choices can make! CHOOSING to speak out and share poor service experiences is easier than ever and CHOOSING where to spend their money can make or cripple businesses and they know it!

Consider these three areas to gain the loyalty of your team and your customers!

  • Work closely with your team to make sure they know what promises your company is making!
  • Monitor your output and empower your staff to under promise and OVER deliver!
  • Train & expect PASSION- it is the one thing that can insure true excellence!

Use your Passion & Deliver on Your Promises!

Cheri Perry 3/13/2023