Our Heroic Journey Begins!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
2019 was one of those years that delivered on every aspect of business here at TMC!

Opportunity- Every new year holds a certain amount of ‘Promise’ and to the degree that we embrace it, promise usually delivers! We were blessed with many new opportunities and were fortunate enough to make good on many of them! How you approach your New Year has a massive impact on your overall business results.

Growth- IF you take advantage of the opportunities, barring any cataclysmic event, the natural result is growth in your business. It is such a great feeling to be able to report healthy growth for our team again in 2019. Keeping your eyes/mind open to opportunities, prepares your team for growth and is a reasonable expectation when you are prepared. As Zig Ziglar said, ‘When you plan to win and prepare to win, then and only then can you expect to win.”

Challenges- Any time you experience growth in your company there are byproducts that we do not always embrace: challenges. I think that is because opportunity often comes dressed in work clothes. We faced a few challenges this year as a company and several were real heartbreakers. The PHENOMENAL news is that when you are surrounded by a team of committed GO-GETTERS (go-GIVERS in disguise!!), you are likely to emerge from any challenge as a stronger, more effective team and that is exactly what we did in 2019. When work challenges appear (opportunity dressed in some good old-fashioned work clothes!), I hope you get excited and then TRUST that the team you have put together will stand and deliver.

As we look back at a year filled with Opportunity, Growth & Challenges we’d like to pause and just say thank you:
  • To each Team Member & their Families (current & past)
  • To each Vendor (current & past)
  • To each Referral Partner (current & past)
  • To each Merchant/Client (current & past)
2019 would not have been the same without you and our team is filled with Gratitude
As we turn the calendar page to 2020- we’d like to invite you to come along on our HEROIC JOURNEY! A year where we will not only embrace the Opportunities, Growth, and Challenges, but we will also SEIZE the added opportunity to better our lives both personally and professionally!As Bachman-Turner Overdrive famously sang, “you ain’t seen nothin yet”!
2020- HERE WE GROW!!
Cheri Perry 1/1/2020