GROWING your Business

Monday, March 20, 2023
I know, you’re so busy working day in and day out that giving thought to taking a little time out of your business in order to grow your business seems counterproductive!
But consider this:

We’ve all attempted to grow plants from seeds; some are successful, some are not – What’s the difference? It’s the “time” we spend caring for the seeds to get them to the point where all they need is a little water now and then.

To grow a plant from seed you must plant it carefully in the right soil with the right mixture of minerals, make sure it gets the right amount of sunlight, water it carefully – not too much, not too little, remove any weeds that might threaten the life of your little sprouts as they grow, and one day you have it – a beautiful plant you can enjoy with minimal upkeep a few times a year because you’ve put in the work while it was growing.

Compare that to your business. To GROW a business you must lay the foundation, put processes and systems in place, get guidance along the way from those who have been successful, inspect all the areas of your business, and one day you have it – a successful, profitable, functioning business that you can enjoy with minimal personal involvement because you’ve put in the work while it was growing. In order to grow your business to the point where you can work ON the business, rather than working IN the business, and free up time for yourself while still growing your business you need processes.
There are six major areas that can make or break a business and having these six areas working together like well-oiled gears can not only help your business grow but allow you to step away as often as you like to LIVE your life.
They Are:
  • Leadership
  • Cash Flow
  • Products/Services
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Overhead
Can you imagine having the freedom to pursue other dreams and adventures, knowing your business is working and growing every day whether you are there or not? It’s a reality that can be yours with a little work and the implementation of the right processes and systems!
Cheri Perry 3/20/2023