Exceptional Educational Experience

Monday, August 2, 2021
These days, it is a rare treat to experience true Excellence in service in almost any industry. Mediocre is the service mantra of the day, but the crazy thing is that MOST companies are advertising their focus on amazing service yet still falling flat when it comes time to truly deliver.
The credit card processing industry is no exception to this rule and maybe that is why we have found that delivering TRULY Above & Beyond service is one of the best ways to set TMC apart from the competition.
Here are a few of the ways we keep that service bar elevated:
Everyone's definition of excellent service will be different so helping your staff understand what Above & Beyond looks like to you is critically important. Educating your team on how your business can consistently deliver an incredible customer experience is key! Do you have examples of what that experience looks like? Acknowledging the actions and activities that measure up to your expectations will keep your staff moving in the right direction.
No matter how large your organization is, every member of your team needs to know that Above & Beyond is the base level of service you provide. When the culture of your organization screams- WE ALWAYS GO ABOVE & BEYOND- every 'new hire' and every 'old faithful' staff member will know what is expected of them.
The best way to find out if you are reaching your goal of consistently delivering a stellar service experience is to ask your customers! There are lots of ways to do this and today, social media makes this process even easier! Stay on top of any feedback that lets you know you did not reach a customer's expectation so you can make any necessary corrections. Engaging with the people who experience your company is simply the most efficient way to confirm that your team is truly delivering that exceptional service experience.
Delivering an exceptional educational experience is something that will quickly set you apart from your competition! Getting your team on the same page, educating them on how to deliver that special experience, acknowledging them when they do, and then verifying that your customers are enjoying the experience is a great plan for making sure your company is always going the extra mile!
Cheri Perry 8/2/2021