Exceptional Educational Experience

Monday, August 8, 2022
Have you ever purchased something, asked someone for assistance, and had someone say, “I don’t know – I just sell them! Unfortunately, that kind of mediocre service is all too prevalent these days, but it doesn’t have to be!
You can be the “talk of the town” in a good way by implementing a process to guide your customer service expectations!
Here are a few things we do to set TMC apart from the competition and deliver an exceptional experience for both our team and our clients – It requires a little “above and beyond” thinking, but it’s worth it to provide “above and beyond service”!
Educate and Acknowledge
Don’t leave it to chance! Educate your team on what a great experience looks like. Acknowledge the actions and activities that meet those expectations and keep your staff moving in the right direction. We “Pass the Star” (a shiny star to sit on the desk). Anyone can “pass the star” when they witness another teammate stepping over that high bar we have for service! Just one way to keep “service” at the forefront.
Get on the Same Page
No matter the size of your team or how long they’ve been there when everyone knows that your “base” acceptable level of service is “above and beyond,” your clients will benefit and your team will benefit. It becomes the “culture” of your business and what people talk about. A little role-playing can be very beneficial.
Get some external Feedback
How do you know if you are consistently delivering an exceptional service experience? Ask your clients; they WILL tell you! Pay attention to surveys, reviews, and social media, and be sure to respond to and address any issues that may come up. Engagement with those you serve is the best confirmation that your team is delivering that exceptional service experience. You don’t know what you don’t know – Read the Feedback!
Be the extraordinary service experience people talk about, and set yourself apart from the ordinary! Getting your team on the same page, educating them on how to deliver that ‘special experience,’ acknowledging their efforts, and verifying that your clients are enjoying that experience is an excellent plan for ensuring your company is always going the extra mile!

Exceptional customer service is no accident! CLIK HERE for Customer Service Training for your organization. (Or if we don’t have that lined out yet – general coaching?)

Cheri Perry 8/8/2022