BOOK REVIEW: Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

Monday, May 14, 2018
This is a review of the book Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn, by John C. Maxwell.

I learned that even though we always strive for success (which is our desired end result) we actually learn more when we lose. It is better to take action and fail (as long as we learn something from the failure) than to do nothing.

John is a great story teller sharing stories from his personal experiences along with the experiences of other well-known people who have overcome shortcomings and mistakes on their way to success. He lines out a roadmap to learn from our losses by breaking down the components of how we can learn when we miss the mark. Many people give up too soon when success is not achieved right away. This book gives us the tools to use to recognize that there are lessons to be learned from our defeats and gives us the courage to fail forward.

I highly recommend this book because it encourages us to take action no matter what the end result knowing we will either celebrate when we succeed or learn and grow when we fail. Either way, there is always power when we take action! Follow this LINK to get your copy!
Guest Blogger: Joe Taylor 5/14/2018