All Hands On Deck

Monday, December 4, 2023


Delivering EXCELLENCE requires an 'All Hands On Deck' attitude! We continue adding new team members to our TMC team to serve our referral partners and merchants! The process of training new people to represent your company or brand is not easy but it is something that business owners must get good at, if they want to continue growing their businesses! Here are a few of the things we have been working on to keep the promises we make to our merchants; we hope you get some value out of the information!
#1- HIRE WELL Just like in previous posts, we firmly believe in hiring attitude first. Training a new person on the Hows & Whys of your business, is a much easier task when you hired the guy/gal with the rockin' attitude!
#2- BE HONEST WITH YOUR EXPECTATIONS New staff members need to know what you expect! Every work environment is different! If your work environment is anything like ours, you need to let your new hires know that you expect 100% effort during their 8-hour days (yes- all day- every day!).
#3- TUNE UP YOUR TRAINING This is one of those areas that is a constant work in progress around our office (crazy credit card industry!!). Have an outside (trusted) source take a peek at how you are teaching & training. You may find that the training process you designed is perfect....for people who think and learn exactly like you. But what if you hire someone who thinks and absorbs information differently than you? Keeping an open mind to different learning styles and fresh perspectives on your training can really serve you well.
#4- SET (& KEEP) THE BAR HIGH Mediocrity seems to be the norm these days and if that standard is AOK with you- skip to #5! If not, remember to REQUIRE your team to deliver on the promises you make to your customers. It cannot be an optional or occasional directive. You must simply must keep the bar high.
#5- HAVE FUN No business list is complete without making sure you remember to have fun with your team! Our office environment can be BUSY- so injecting fun is a serious requirement. Enjoying the work you do makes each day just a bit better.
Check out “meet our staff” section under “About Us” on our website and learn a bit about those who serve our referral partners and merchants. Each one experiences a comprehensive training program designed to encourage EXCELLENCE! We are excited to provide such amazing team members who truly do have an 'All Hands On Deck' mentality to serve you with!
The DISC Model of Human Behavior is a game-changer! CLICK HERE to grab assessments for your team or feel free to contact our team if you would like to have a more formal walk through DISC.


Cheri Perry 12/4/2023