Fort Vancouver Lions Club Volunteer Signup

Give back to the community!
Fundraising has been a bit more difficult in the past couple of years so opportunities like the one listed below are RARE and very important to our Club and the various service projects we support. Your time and help in getting friends and family to assist with this project would be GREATLY appreciated.
We have been invited to participate in a FUN service event @ the ilani Casino. The Ridgefield Lions have asked for help as they work to support the casino staff during the BrewFest event which is being held on the 18th, 19th, and 20th (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and they need lots of volunteers to assist with the event.
  1. EMAIL Lion Cheri Perry ( with your name, email address, shirt size, whether you will be MAST certified in time for the event, and your desired shift/s 
  2. Call Cheri’s Company (TMC) 360-253-5934 and give the team member your name, email address, shirt size, whether you will be MAST certified in time for the event, and your desired shift/s
Shifts are 5 hours and we have been told that there are plenty of opportunities to serve- the casino staff was particularly caring when they shared that “We will make things work and have a good spot for folks that can't stand that long as well”.
Available Shifts:
Friday, Feb. 18th
5 – 10 p.m. need 65 volunteers (5 hour shift)
Saturday: Feb 19th
First shift: 12-5 p.m. need 65 volunteers (5 hour shifts)
Second shift: 5-10 p.m. need 65 volunteers (5 hour shifts)
Sunday, Feb. 20th:
12:00 – 5:00 p.m. need 65 volunteers (5 hour shift)
Basic Volunteer Duties:
  • Assistance with relaying products to booths
  • Assistance with garbage and recycling
  • Assistance with hospitality and overall customer services
  • Serving Alcohol
    Serving beer positions requires a MAST Cert. (you do not have to have a MAST certificate to volunteer but you will need one to serve) we have a number of Fort Vancouver Lions that have gone through the Alcohol Serving/Handling Training (MAST) before- if you have already gone through the training, check the expiration). Certification can be obtained by going through a three-hour online course which costs $20 dollars.
If you would like more detailed info on the event- here is the link:
IMPORTANT: Please spread the word and try to register this week by Friday, Feb 4th. If this doesn't work, you could sign up at a later date, but early is better!
This will really help the ilani Brewfest Team get an idea of how many other workers they need to recruit.
All Lions Clubs that work will receive a percentage of the funds based upon % of involvement. We would like to have Ridgefield Lions involved in each day, but if we could fill all the slots on Saturday (Ridgefield Lions Day) - this would be great. If this is the best day for Lions from other clubs, you are also welcome to sign up for this day.
We don't have an exact figure of what we would earn but have been provided a guarantee that we would be treated very well. This has proven to be the case for the Ridgefield Lions in the past.