Terminal Time Change Instructions

If you have an E-commerce or Mobile processing solution, there is no need to manually update the time.
If you need assistance or have any questions, please give our team a call @ 888-249-9919 OR click the "Chat Now" icon below and we can walk you through updating the time in your terminal.
The following are the time change instructions for the Vx500 Series, First Data, Dejavoo, Poynt, Pax, Nurit, Hypercom, Ingenico, and Omni. 
You will want to make this change before you go to sleep Saturday evening! (time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms as well!)
Vx500 SERIES - At the idle prompt:
1. Press Enter and choose SETUP, if Enter doesn't present a SETUP option Press the MORE key to other set up, Select the F key next to other set up
2. Enter Password 1 Alpha Alpha 66831 Press Enter (Alpha is the small key above the #2)
3. Press down arrow key 2 times (4 times on a VX520) to Date/Time (far left purple key)
4. Enter new date MMDDYYYY, press Enter
5. Enter New time HHMMSS (Military 24 hours increment), press Enter
6. Press the Red X key 2 times back to idle prompt
First Data / FD 130 series:
1. Press Hammer and Wrench on the upper right hand side of the screen.
2. Press Date/ Time
3. Enter the new date, press enter (Military 24 hours increment)
4. Enter the new time, press enter
5. Press enter to return to the main screen
1. Press OK
2. Select Utility
3. Enter in the password 1234
4. Go to Settings
5. Select the Date & Time
6.Enter date as mm/dd/yy [ENTER] Enter time as hh:mm:ss
Nothing to do, this terminal should update the time on its own.
PAX S80 / PAX S90:
1. Press Menu
2. Press 5 for SYSTEM OPTIONS
3. At Date/Time Setup press enter
4. Enter the new date, press enter (Military 24 hours increment)
5. Enter the new time, press enter
6. Press cancel back to idle prompt screen
VERIFONE NURIT - At the idle prompt:
1. Press Menu/Esc
2. Press the Force key to scroll to SYSTEM OPTIONS, press enter
3. At Set Time and Date press enter
4. Enter the new date then enter the new time (Military 24 hours increment)
5. Press enter to review the new Date/Time
6. Press Menu/Esc back to idle prompt screen
HYPERCOM TERMINAL - At the idle prompt:
1. Press the function key, then type in 10 enter and change the time. If this is not programmed, go to step 2
2. Press initialize
3. Press enter / yes. The terminal will dial out to the server to pick up the time and date change, the screen will finish with Transaction complete and got back to the idle prompt
INGENICO ICT 220/250 & IWL 255 3G:
1. Press [F]
2. Enter Password (123456A)
3. Choose Tellium Manager [0]
4. Choose Initialization [3]
5. Choose Parameters [1]
6. Choose Date/Time
VERIFONE OMNI 3200 / 3210 - At the idle prompt:
1. Press [enter] and [7] simultaneously
2. System Password? Key in 1 alpha alpha 66831 enter
3. SYSTEM = V.... Press [5]
4. YYMMDD KEY: Date press enter
5. HHMMSS KEY: Enter time and press [enter] (Military 24 hours increment)
6. Press [CLEAR] to return to idle prompt