Card Types

Credit card logos and HSA graphicVISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER CREDIT CARD - Revolving credit cards with a set limit.

DEBIT CARD (VISA OR MASTERCARD) - A credit card that is attached to the checking account of the cardholder. Transactions can be run as a standard credit card or they can be run as a PIN based debit.

PAYPAL PAYMENT CARD - A credit card that is attached to a PayPal account of the cardholder. Transactions can only be swiped at the terminal level.

REWARDS CARDS - Revolving lines of credit with additional features which earn rewards points. These cards qualify at the key entered rate whether they are swiped or key entered.

CORPORATE CREDIT CARD - A revolving credit card (MC & Visa) issued to a business as opposed to an individual that often has several different reporting settings and or SIC code blockages. Swiped or key entered, they qualify at a higher rate than standard consumer cards.

AMERICAN EXPRESS - A revolving credit card- some have limits others do not.

FLEET CARDS/GOVERNMENT - Private label cards issued by large companies or the government to be used for specific purchases.

GIFT CARDS - Cards issued by businesses to increase repeat business and consumer loyalty. These cards can be programmed to be used at one or many locations of the same business.

EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer (assistance).

HSA Cards - The HSA card is a convenient way for employees to access funds in their HSA to pay for qualified medical expenses for themselves, their spouse, and dependents.