What will happen if I don’t upgrade?

This is a Visa regulation. Merchants that accept Visa within the specified MCCs must be able to support the regulations. Visa has communicated the possibility of noncompliance fines. If Visa enforces a non compliance fine for your merchant account, you will be required to pay the fine.
Visa International Operating Regulations
Merchants in the below Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) must be able to:
  • Recognize a Visa Fleet card when it is presented at the point of sale, and provide complete and accurate enhanced data from the fuel transaction to their processor.
  • Correctly identify the service prompt indicator encoded on a Visa Fleet card magnetic stripe and prompt the cardholder to provide the required data; then forward that information with the enhanced data from the fuel transaction to their processor.
(MCC Descriptions)
4468 Marinas, Marine Service and Supplies
5499 Miscellaneous Food Stores: Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
5541 Service Stations (With or Without Ancillary Services)
5542 Automated Fuel Dispensers
5983 Fuel Dealers: Fuel Oil, Wood, Coal and Liquefied Petroleum
If you are not sure if you are currently passing the enhanced fleet data for Visa Fleet cards, contact us immediately at (888) 249-9919