Whitelisting Emails

We want to make sure we can reach you!
In order to help ensure proper delivery of emails to your inbox, you can add senders of legitimate emails to your Whitelist, also called the Approved or Safe Sender list. Click below to view instructions on how to do whitelist emails for several popular Internet Service Providers and email companies.
 AOL Mail
1. Click Contacts in the right toolbar.
2. Click Add Contact.
3. Enter [Total Merchant Concepts]
Use Email:CustmerCare@TotalMerchantConcepts
4. Click Add Contact button in the popup to finish.
1. Click Preferences from the menu.
2. Click Restrict Incoming Email.
3. Click Yes to Enable Email Controls.
4. Click Allow email from addresses listed below.
5. Enter [CustmerCare@TotalMerchantConcepts].
6. Click Add.
7. Click Update to finish.
1. Click Address Book.
2. Click Add Contact.
4. Save Total Merchant Concepts as a contact
Use email:CustmerCare@TotalMerchantConcepts.com
5. Click save.
1. Open an email from the sender that you want to whitelist.
2. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to “reply.”
3. Click Add [Total Merchant Concepts] to contacts list to finish. 
Apple Mail
1. Click in the header of the message you’re viewing.
2. Click Add to finish.
Outlook 2010
1. Click the Home tab.
2. Click Junk.
3. Click Junk E-mail Options.
4. Click Safe Senders.
5. Click Add.
6. Enter [Total Merchant Concepts] and additional information if you wish.
Use email: CustmerCare@TotalMerchantConcepts
7. Click OK to finish.
Mac Mail
1. Click Address Book .
2. Click File.
3. Click New Card.
4. Enter [Total Merchant Concepts] and additional information if you wish.
Use email : CustmerCare@TotalMerchantConcepts
5. Click Edit to finish
Microsoft Outlook 2003
1. Open the email message from the sender you want to add to your address book.
2. Right-click Click here to download images in the gray bar at the top of the message.
3. Click Add Sender to Senders Safe List to finish. 
Outlook 2007
1. Right-click on the email you received (in the list of emails).
2. Click Junk E-mail.
3. Click Add Sender to Safe Senders List to finish.
1. Open your mailbox and click “Options” (upper right hand corner).
2. Click the “Junk E-Mail Protection” link.
3. Select the “Safe List” link.
4. Copy and paste CustmerCare@TotalMerchantConcepts into the dialog box titled “Type an address or domain”.
5. Click the “Add” button next to the dialog box.
6. If the mailing is in your "Junk E-Mail Folder", open the email and click the "Not Junk" button.

You should also check that the mailing's email address is not in your Blocked Senders list. You can find your Blocked Senders list by following the directions above and going to "Blocked Senders List" instead of "Safe List". If you see the mailing's from address on this list, select it and click the Remove button.