White Water Rafting FUN!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This past weekend- our team took a trip down the White Salmon River.  I am happy to report that all of our staff members made it through the adventure unscathed- well almost Cool


We had 4 rafts full of our team- lots of fun, splashing and some hard paddling.  When it came time to make the BIG decision- which was whether to risk a journey down Husum Falls or walk around- 2 of our 3 boats elected to take on the rapids!!  The other two boats elected to walk around the falls:  here is what happened-


Boat #1- all 6 team members paddled perfectly to get their raft into the proper position and they STUCK the landing!  Fully submerged at the bottom of the fall, they were rapidly ejected from the water- but not from the raft!  What an incredible ride.

Boat #2 & #3-took the injury prone trip around the falls (that's right- it was a more dangerous trip as more injuries occur walking around than going down the falls)- all TMC team members made the dangerous trek without injury and they got to stand and watch as the final boat prepared for its journey down Husum Falls.

Boat #4- All 6 members of the boat (accompanied by a 27 year white water rafting veteran) began paddling- they had a difficult time getting in sync and as they approached the falls the guide could be heard saying: HANG ON!- the raft toppled over the falls and ended up ejecting all 6 of the passengers!  It took awhile- but we finally found everyone and the panic/fear was soon replaced by a very refreshed team of weathered rafters!

Once all of our team members were accounted for (and put back into their rafts!), we finished paddling our way down the river.  All of our team (even the occupants of Boat #4) decided that we would DEFINATELY take this trip again!  

What a great way to spend a hot summer day- white water rafting with friends in one of the most beautiful places on earth! 

Cheri Perry 8/21/2011

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