What We Know For Sure!

Tuesday, December 1, 2020
In troubling times, it feels GREAT to lean ‘in’ to the things we KNOW FOR SURE! I remember flipping through the pages of an Oprah Magazine and seeing her WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE section in the back of the magazine. What Oprah knows for sure is different from what I know for sure. What I know for sure differs from what you know for sure and so on and so forth!
But consider this: spending some time to think about what you and others know for sure can REALLY have a positive impact on how you feel about your life!
For example, my father used to say that ‘Everything Always Works Out’. He knew that FOR SURE and he lived his life accordingly. When I first heard him make the statement I chalked it up to bravado or a ‘Parent’s’ attempt at helping me cope. Over the years, however (and with age ??), I have come to realize that he was right! His FOR SURE statement gave me hope when I did not believe the statement itself. Now I see that some of the statements I have made are having an impact on my family and my friends.
Here are a few areas where you might want to consider your ‘I know for sure’ statements or someone else’s (yep- even your parents!!):
Difficult Times
Life in General
Statements that encourage and inspire are really important especially when so many areas of our life can be affected. We put together a series of What I Know For Sure memes from our team and will be posting one each day for the next few weeks! Some are wise, witty, fun, and funny! We would like to invite you to read them and let us know if you have some statements to share. We hope this fun exercise will inspire you to consider your thoughts and beliefs and maybe your "WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE" statement will do what my Father’s did! CLICK HERE to share and also be sure to check out our team series on our Facebook page!
Cheri Perry 12/1/2020