What's Your Vision?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Years ago, I was introduced to the POWER of writing down your goals and visualizing the way you want your life to play out.  Ever since that time, I have enjoyed the exercise of creating a vision board that speaks to me, gives me hope, and gives me a focus for the upcoming year. (my home office vision board is pictured below)

For the past several years, my team has participated in this exercise at least one time and often twice per year!  Here are some of the benefits of putting together your vision boards as a team.

  • Getting To Know Each Other
    When you spend this kind of quality time together, you get to know a different side of your team members.  You begin to understand what drives and motivates each other and you end up looking for ways to help your team reach their individual goals.
  • Accountability
    When you know what goals and aspirations the members of your team have, you can play a key role in helping them stay on target!  When the vision boards are posted, there is an added sense of accountability since many of your goals are posted for the entire office to see.
  • Increased Productivity
    When the entire team is on the same page with reaching towards goals and dreams, they tend to work harder collectively, to make things happen.  The bar for the entire team is raised when they commit those dreams and aspirations to paper.
  • FUN!
    Yes- a critical element to a very productive team is having fun and the process of creating vision boards together is a wonderful exercise with lots of fun!

Our team likes to collect our words, pictures and supplies throughout the year and then we carve out the time (approximately 1 1/2 hours) to put them together.  We usually listen to uplifting music and most of the team usually brings extra words, stickers, and things that reminded them of their teammates for the final project.  The project is completed when the vision boards are laminated and posted in the workspaces for all to see.   A team that dreams together accomplishes more and works harder to help each other reach the goals set forth on their VISION boards!!

Give it a try!!
Cheri Perry 8/3/2020

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