What's Your Back Up Plan?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Accepting credit cards is just a natural part of the check out process; so what happens when your processing system STOPS WORKING?
It was a busy Sunday morning at a popular coffee stand when the barista realized she had a problem-her credit card machine was not working. She called the number on the side of the terminal and reached a very friendly after hours technician who did some trouble shooting and found that the phone line was no longer working. Calls to the coffee house were ringing with a fast busy and calls to the phone company had not resulted in a quick fix. She did the only thing she could think of- she called the manager who sent out an urgent text message to the owners of TMC. It wasn't long before one of the owners called in to see if the challenge could be fixed. In just a few minutes- a back up plan was put into place and the ladies were able to accept credit cards again. It is important to note that before the back up plan was put into place, the coffee stand had given many customer's their coffee orders for free. The phone company soon arrived and corrected the phone issue so the credit card machine could be placed back into its standard operational mode; back to business as usual!
Is your company prepared to handle the temporary interruption of your credit card processing service? Does your team know what the 'back up' plan is? One of the very best things about being a TMC merchant is knowing that help is just a quick phone call away!! So we will start there with our emergency planning! (you can also call and find out more about our 911- Emergency Preparedness Kits!!)
Make sure your TMC contact information is posted in a place where it is readily available- the information will be on the side of the credit card machine as well.
Contact us ASAP so the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible- waiting just prolongs the fix.
Decide if you will continue to accept cards if there is an interruption and make sure your team is fully aware of your back up plan.
Have that back up plan printed out in writing since it is unlikely that it will be used very often. Making certain that your team can easily access the back up plan will reduce the inconvenience for customers.
We promise Excellent Customer Service and it is in times of crisis where you find out that we are drop dead serious about keeping that promise! If you have a challenge call us so we can help you get it resolved! If you need help formulating a back up plan- we can help you with that as well!!
Most of the time, accepting credit cards is a seamless activity but having a back up plan is just good business!
Cheri Perry 12/18/2016

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