What's Power

Monday, November 7, 2022
As a business owner, you can be faced with daily frustrations that might direct your focus away from WHY you became a business owner. But have you considered the REAL POWER generated by your business?

Examples of POWER your team can generate when you are committed to making a powerful & positive difference!
  • The POWER of Integrity-Based Business Dealings
    When one company sets the standard, many businesses take notice and choose to follow in your path! Be the company setting the standard and the example of true power by operating an integrity-based company.
  • The POWER of Building People
    It is an awesome honor to work for companies that take an interest in your life (and we are not just talking about your work life). You can generate real people power by investing in and helping to develop your staff.
  • The POWER of Contribution
    Often times we wonder, 'Can we really make a difference?' after all, we are just one company in a sea of businesses. The answer is YES! Cultivate the POWER of a grateful staff by encouraging them to give back. The investment in man hours will cause a ripple effect and help awaken the POWER of the entire community.
  • The POWER of Gratitude
    Living in America, it is hard to believe we have so many unhappy people; we have so much to be thankful for! As a company, you can develop unbelievable POWER when you help your staff and then your customers and then their communities develop gratitude. Being thankful for our lives, our businesses, our staff, and our many blessings set us on an incredibly POWERFUL path!
Creating an atmosphere of INTEGRITY, BUILDING PEOPLE, CONTRIBUTION and GRATITUDE is no accident – It takes work and focus, but the rewards are worth the effort 1000 times over!

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Cheri Perry 11/7/2022