What Direction Are You Growing?

Monday, January 4, 2021
What Direction Are You Going or Growing?
They say the rearview mirror is smaller because that’s not the direction we are going, and after a year like we have all just walked thru- that’s GREAT NEWS!
The direction we are going in all areas of our life makes a tremendous difference, and few times are as RIPE for reflection as a NEW YEAR! So how about you? Are you being intentional with the direction you are going, or should I say GROWING in both your business and your personal life? As we embark on a New Year, leaving the old one in the ‘rear view’, there are a few questions that can help us use the past (even 2020) to make sure we are Growing in the right direction!
During his ‘Leading Through Crisis’ virtual summit this past year, John Maxwell gave us three questions to consider. I believe that all three questions can help us begin this New Year on a very positive and productive path!
Question #1 How will I use this to get better every day? Instead of asking disempowering questions, asking how we can use adversity and setbacks to get better every day really makes a difference. It’s like harnessing the power of the windshield instead of being drawn back by that rearview mirror! Finding a way to learn from everything life throws in our direction helps us to GROW and it keeps us headed in the right direction.
Question #2 How will I use this to help other people? Have you ever noticed that the situations we experience seem to have a way of helping us help others? Mr. Maxwell’s second question keeps us on the path by finding ways to help other people especially when we use those experiences to benefit others. Focusing on others cannot happen when we are focused on the negatives, or when we spend too much time looking in the rearview mirrors of our lives. I’ve often felt like the situations of my past were intentional testing grounds that prepared me for helping others, so why not ask the question? How can I use my trials and tribulations to help others?
Question #3 What action will I take to improve my situation? Asking great questions gets us a lot closer to great answers, doesn’t it? The third question John Maxwell asked is certainly a windshield question! What action (FORWARD direction) will I take to improve my situation? Just think about that one for a second and you might feel the beginning of excitement start to well up inside! Taking intentional action in the direction of your goals and dreams places you firmly on a forward path to success and leaves very little time for ‘rear view’ thinking.
2020 gave us lots of reasons to ask lots of questions, and if we are not intentional- we might fall into the ‘rear view’ thinking thought process. By taking a FORWARD approach, a windshield view of our experiences, we can be sure that we are going or GROWING in the right direction. Have the best New Year!
Cheri Perry 1/4/2021