What Are You Looking For?

Thursday, December 1, 2022
It’s funny how life’s circumstances can help us be better leaders at home and in our businesses!

This past weekend, my husband and I went for a walk at a local park. There is a 3-mile loop that we like to walk and on this particular day, it was sunny and brisk! We clocked a great time for the 3 milers and followed up with our usual trip to the local coffee house- it was a great morning. When we got back home I realized that I had lost an earring on our walk. Typically that would not be a big deal but the earring that I lost was one of my favorites and it was a gift from a great friend. I remember thinking, “I should go look for it now”, but pretty soon the rest of the plans for the day were upon us and we never made it back to the park.

The next morning Dean said let’s go look for the earring and grab another 3-mile walk. I was CONFIDENT we would not find the earring and had already been looking around on the internet for a replacement pair! (I did not tell him that!). The walk in the park on this day was NOTHING like the day before! It was wet and rainy and lots of additional leaves had fallen to the ground. The chances of finding the lost treasure were remote in my opinion. In fact, I even recalled thinking that I might not have lost it at the park it could be anywhere. About a mile into our walk, Dean said that the little path we take that goes down by the river would be the best place for you to have lost the earring since it is not the most traveled path at the park and within a few steps- a miracle occurred- HE FOUND IT!
The rest of the walk felt as if I was walking with Superman! Dean felt like a million bucks and rightly so- he found what had been lost- because he was looking for it!!

Our life and our businesses can really use this lost and found lesson, can’t they? What have you been looking for in your personal or business life? Is it possible that you were more like me on that second walk in the park? Doubtful that you would find what you were looking for so you really are not looking anymore? Ready to replace something without REALLY giving an honest effort at looking for and finding what you desire? I should have known better!
I am the GLASS HALF FULL member of our family but I was quick to ‘move on’ and ready to ‘replace’. I had forgotten the biblical principle that says SEEK & you will FIND! What do you need to be looking for in your life?

  • Strong Team Members?
  • More Profit? 
  • Better Ways to Serve Your Clients? 
  • More Innovative Ways to Serve Your Team?
  • Stronger Relationships With Your Family
  • More Ways to Improve Your Fiscal Fitness?
  • Better Ways to Serve Your Community? 
  • More Innovative Ways to Engage & Support Your Spouse? 
We really do have so much more power over our lives than we tend to use. When we take the time to pause and reflect we can see that little things, even a lost earring, can teach us valuable life lessons. When we evaluate our actions, we see where we HIT or where we missed. I was MISSING that weekend (more than just an earring). Thank goodness my husband was focused on finding what was lost that day and because he was, he found the needle in the haystack or more specifically- the tiny earring on the three-mile, rain-drenched, leaf-covered path. We get what we look for in life so take a look at the different areas of your life and begin truly LOOKING for what you want and desire!

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Cheri Perry 12/1/2022