We're NOT Square

Monday, June 25, 2012

OK- so how fun is that new square thing?  You have to take your hat off to innovators in the industry and appreciate the fact that they have helped keep the credit card industry Fresh & Exciting.  


But make no mistake, TMC is definitely NOT going square!  

The only challenge with the various 'One Size Fits All' or 'Simplified' solutions in any industry, is that they typically lack the personalized type of service that we have created our entire business model around.  


For years, business owners across the country have thrived by offering alternatives to 'the stack it deep and sell it cheap' big box stores.  Why?  Because just like Zig Ziglar said years ago, 'the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten'.  

So while we applaud the genius of Smart Phone technology and simplified billing options, we are SUPER EXCITED to share what we consider to be enhanced options for both our referral partners and our merchants IN ADDITION to that "Personalized, Excellent, Because We Care Service"  our merchants have come to love and expect!


  • Options Without Annual Contracts (As Usual!)
  • Smart Phone Solutions (For both high & low volume merchants)
        Those higher percentages offered may not be the best fit for your business!
  • One Time Event Options (Of Course)
  • LIVE Support (Is there any other kind?)

Call our office (888-249-9919) or email Service@TotalMerchantConcepts.com to learn what is New & Exciting at TMC and what option/pricing plan is the Best Fit for you and for your business.

Our industry is 'crazy fun' right now!  There are so many affordable  & convenient ways to accept credit cards.  Just be careful not to sacrifice Excellent Service and Personalized Solutions:
Especially now that you know you don't have to be square to get a good deal!


(Sir Smiley appreciated that last comment!)


Cheri Perry 6/25/2012

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