Using Recurring Donations to GROW Your Organization

Monday, February 5, 2018


There is a TON of competition in the market place for the discretionary dollars Non Profit Organizations need to attract.  Businesses and consumers alike, are looking for the just the right cause to put these dollars to work and guess what else they are looking for?  An EASY way to do it!  Here are some reasons why making sure your potential donors have access to a RECURRING PAYMENT option can help your organization attract more donations on a more frequent basis! 

  • Donor Convenience: By allowing donors to sign up once for an ongoing gift, you are saving them the time and effort of sending a gift each and every month which also increases the chances that you will receive the monthly gift.

  • Donor Loyalty: Donors have many options and there is a very real risk of getting lost in myriad of choices they have. Nonprofits often find themselves fighting for wallet-share within their donor base. Giving users a recurring donation option is great way to collect donations on a more consistent basis, rather than getting caught in the noise, especially during busy giving seasons.  When you make it easy for them, they will find it easier to choose your organization.

  • Better Budgeting: Donors who are on a budget are more likely to give a modest gift each month, rather than a large gift annually. Your organization will also be able to budget more effectively with a strong monthly donation base which means  you will be able to be more effective.  Effectiveness is also an attraction!

  • More Impact: Nonprofit organizations can create programs around monthly giving. Something like: $60/month to support the after school program or $100/month to send 10 kids to camp at the end of the year; gives donors a keen understanding of the impact of their donations and they feel more connected.

When you make donating to your organiztion EASY and you keep your donor's experience in mind, you can attract the dollars it takes to make the difference you are making in the world! 

At TMC, we have wonderful programs in place for the Non Profit Organizations we serve including: 

  • Recurring Payments 
  • Online Donation Links
  • Mobile Devices
  • Event Rentals (One Time & Ongoing)
  • Event Management (Streamline the Auction or Event Process)

Give our team a call to help with any of your payment acceptance needs!  1-888-249-9919

Cheri Perry 2/5/2018

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