Monday, October 5, 2015


Last week we fielded TONS of phone calls regarding the Fraud Liability Shift and terminals. 

Here are a few things to consider this week!

  • You are NOT out of 'compliance' just because you do not have an EMV reading terminal! 
  • You can decide when you upgrade and you do not have to be RUSHED.
  • Some industries have higher 'Liability Shift' risks than others.
  • Some industries do not have EMV solutions that can be used yet (the platforms are busily working!) 
  • BEWARE of terminal pricing on the internet!  We had a merchant call us because they bought their new terminal online and guess what:  it was not able to handle EMV or NFC.

Our team is available to answer a Liability Shift, Terminal, EMV or NFC questions!  1-888-249-9919

Cheri Perry 10/5/2015

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