Under Pressure

Sunday, July 23, 2017
Life is filled with opportunities to LIVE and LEARN!  This past weekend, I was out on the back patio doing a little pressure washing.  When I was done, I realized that I had done more than blow a little dirt off the back patio, I rediscovered the POWER of being UNDER PRESSURE!
PURPOSE-  There are so many things to be done in our lives and just like my pressure washing excursion, we simply have to determine what our purpose is.  Without a game plan, we can end up at the end of the week, month or year having accomplished very little.  When we are not focused, we tend to get sidetracked and much less effective.  The patio was my purpose but it was VERY tempting to consider tackling other projects at the same time.  Luckily I stayed focused on the patio or else I might still be at the house using that pressure washer!
PREPARATION-  There is a big difference between having tools and being prepared for the job you have set your sights on!  About 20 minutes into my pressure washing activities, the compressor started speaking to me in a sputtering voice- I'm OUT OF GAS- it was saying!  I had to stop my work, find my husband and have the compressor refueled in order to continue with the job.  Not being prepared ended up costing me valuable time, caused me to interrupt my hubby and made me realize the importance of preparation before launching into a project.
PRESSURE-  As I wielded the pressure washing nozzle and watched the power at work, I began to think of the the two sides of pressure.  On one hand, we don't really like to feel like we are under pressure (it can be uncomfortable).  On the other hand, pressure can cause amazing things to happen.  Standing on the back patio I experienced the power of high pressure.  Weeds and dirt were removed by the pressure and the more pressure I applied- the cleaner the patio got.  At one point, the tip came off of the nozzle leaving just a steady stream of water but without the constricting tip; no pressure!  Without the pressure, no results! Things get done, under pressure.
Because I was focused on a specific task and my PURPOSE was clear, my back patio is now clean and looks amazing.  After my first misstep with the empty fuel tank, it was apparent that PREPARATION was a key to my success so I lined up the fuel I would need to complete the task.  Then I went to work, applying PRESSURE.  Life is filled with pressure points and if we recognize the POWER that pressure can provide, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to. 
Cheri Perry 7/23/2017

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