TMC Celebrating 25 Years Serving YOU!

Thursday, July 1, 2021
Please enjoy this message from our Founder and MVP Director, Cheri Perry.
TMC was founded TWENTY-FIVE years ago- after we found it difficult to find anyone who seemed to really care about our business and our ability to accept credit cards. We received tons of mailings, lots of phone calls, and we were inundated with information, but no solid advice. (Sound familiar!!)
  • We could not find a person or a company that cared enough to explain the industry to us
  • We could not find a person or company who asked us questions about our business and what our plans were
  • We could not find a person or company who we felt had our best interest at heart
With each step, we committed ourselves and then continually re-committed ourselves to be “the solution” for business owners who wanted what we wanted. 
  • People Who Actually Cared About OUR Business
  • Affordable Solutions That Filled the Specific Needs of OUR Business
  • A Win/Win Partnership That Can Help US Grow OUR Business
Credit card processing has changed a lot over the years and with technology, fraud, and mobile options, it promises to keep everyone on their toes in the future as well. We are EXCITED about the future of credit card processing and our business growth tools! We get to help our merchants (past, present & future) navigate the turbulent waters of the Merchant Services Industry and HELP them GROW their business.
Here is what you can expect from your team at TMC:
  • Passionate People Who Care About YOU and YOUR BUSINESS
  • Affordable Solutions Tailored for YOU
  • Partnership Committed to Helping YOU Achieve YOUR GOALS
  • Business Growth tools to help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS GROW
Have a great week, and let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you with your business endeavors!
Cheri Perry 7/1/2021

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