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Change is something that most people......"LOVE"......

Daylight Saving Time is one of the easiest changes that people get to deal with each year but have you ever wondered why we change the clocks twice a year? I did a bit of surfing on the internet and found a great site that covers a TON of information related to the history of Daylight Saving Time. So after you get done changing the time on your Credit Card Terminal (see a list below and call our office if your terminal or device is not listed!! 1-888-249-9919), click here: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME HISTORY for more fun information and EMBRACE change- it is the only constant thing in our lives!
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Time Change Instructions
Daylight Saving Time will begin on Sunday March 10th, 2013. The following are the time change instructions for the most commonly used terminals. All times must be in military time. If your terminal is not listed, pleasae call our office for assistance! 1-888-249-9919 and as Sir Smiley says: EMBRACE CHANGE!!!

NURIT - At the idle prompt:

1. Press Menu/Esc

2. Press the Force key to
scroll to SYSTEM OPTIONS, press enter

3. At Set Time and Date press

4. Enter the new date then
enter the new time.

5. Press enter to review the
new Date/Time.

6. Press Menu/Esc back to idle
prompt screen.

VERIFONE Vx SERIES - At the idle prompt:

1. Press the down arrow key to
other set up Select the F key next to other set up

2. Enter Pass Word 1 Alpha
Alpha 66831 Press Enter

3. Press down arrow key 2 times
to Date/Time F2

4. Enter new date MMDDYYYY

5. Enter New time HHMMSS
(Military 24 hours increment)

6. Press the Red X key 2 times
back to idle prompt

At the idle prompt:

1. Press the function key, then
type in 10 enter and change the time. If this is not programmed, go to step 2.

2. Press initialize

3. Press enter / yes.
The terminal will dial out to the server to pick up the time and date change.
The screen will finish with Transaction complete and got back to the idle prompt.

VERIFONE OMNI 3200 / 3210 - At
the idle prompt:
(PLEASE consider upgrading this NON-COMPLIANT terminal)

1. Press [enter] and [7]

2. System Password? Key in 1
alpha alpha 66831 enter

3. SYSTEM = V.... Press [5]

4. YYMMDD KEY: Date press enter

5. HHMMSS KEY: Enter time and
press [enter]

6. Press [CLEAR] to return to
idle prompt.

VERIFONE Tranz - At the idle (PLEASE consider upgrading this NON-COMPLIANT terminal)
This applies to all TRANZ
Verifone type terminals.

1. Hold down the * and press 3
simultaneously it will say (DIAGNOSTICS)

2. Press the Alpha Key once it
will say (YEAR=1980-2079).

3. NOTE: {on older terminals it
may prompt you Enter Day of Week} Enter the number for the coinciding day:
Su=0, M= 1, T= 2, W= 3, Th= 4, F=5, S= 6.

4. Type in the year (4 DIGITS)
press enter

5. Type in the month (2 DIGITS)
press enter

6. Type in the day (2 DIGITS)
press enter

7. Type in the hours (MILITARY
TIME) press enter

8. Type in the minutes (2
DIGITS) press enter

9. Leave seconds at 00 press
enter and it will go back to the idle prompt screen.

ECLIPSE - At the idle prompt: (PLEASE consider upgrading this NON-COMPLIANT terminal)

1. Press OTHER

2. Press SYSTEM

3. Press Date/Time. Change to
the appropriate time. AM or PM

Sir Smiley 11/3/2012

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