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Monday, December 16, 2013


It's that time of year- time for reflection! We met with our team and discussed the areas where we shine and the areas where we need to step it up. As you look at Your New Year, we trust that your team is taking the necessary steps to bring even more value and more service to the marketplace! Honest reflection can help all of us get better! Here are a few tips to help you and your team get ready for the fast approaching New Year!

1- Recognize Accomplishments! Nothing starts a meeting off better than taking a good look around your organization and identifying all of your reasons to smile! Teams perform much better when what they are doing well is pointed out and applauded!

2- Roundtable Your Concerns! When you talk about your misses openly and honestly, your team has an opportunity to learn from mistakes and get better! So many times, humans tend to want to ignore or hide challenges in a corner: they will NEVER get better with that course of action! Using a roundtable approach with your team can help you identify the challenges as well as the solutions to prevent the same issues from coming up over and over again.

3- Rally the Troops! With accomplishments acknowledged, challenges owned, addressed and overcome- it is time to set up the NEW YEAR! Management must provide clearly defined goals for the New Year and each member of the team needs their own specific goals that will contribute to the overall goal of the team. Gathering together will help your team gain energy and excitement so achieving your goals will be that much easier.

As for our team, we have been so blessed in 2013! The team has been AMAZING at overcoming challenges, finding solutions and keeping our merchants' end result in mind at all times. We have discussed our shortcomings as well as the solutions and we are all set for our annual Kick Off Meeting! We hope these tips will help you and your team!

2014 is sure to be a phenomenal year as we look for new and exciting ways to keep delivering the TMC Difference!

Cheri Perry 12/16/2013

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