The #1 reason there are so many weak, insecure, low impact managers in leadership positions.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

High impact leaders don't need a position or authority to make something happen. They only need a team.

People want to follow real, authentic, highly influential leaders. This means they have influence far beyond their awarded authority. We respect authentic leaders because of who they are on the inside. Sure, many of these leaders have a position of authority. However, because they set it aside and lead with earned, authentic influence, they have established a high degree of moral authority which is far greater than any formal authority they could ever be given.

People who are only capable of directing others because they have a title or have authority over them are not leaders of people. They haven't yet earned their influence. Therefore, they are low impact leaders (managers of people). Things and processes must be managed because they can't think and feel. However, people should be led because they can. Since many people haven't developed themselves and created other options, they choose to remain where they are and to be managed like an object by low impact leaders.

Low impact leaders don't have earned influence. They only have artificial influence that is given to them in association with their title, rank, or position. In other words, they have the right to control others who must follow because they "have to" because they haven't created better options. Without the title and authority based control, no one with better options would follow these low impact leaders voluntarily.

Managers of people are blind to reality and are the only ones who think they are leading.

I spent a lot of my career having to follow weak-minded, low impact leaders because I was weak-minded myself. I was as blind to reality as they were. I thought they were my problem. I eventually figured out why I "had to" follow them. The reason: because I didn't better options. That wasn't their fault. That was my fault!

I was unknowingly the root cause of my problem the whole time.

for the masses of weak-minded followers that remain, our workplaces are full of weak-minded, low impact leaders. Why? Because there aren't enough high impact leaders to fill their positions. If there were, these managers of people would never stand a chance. When it comes to the manager vs. leader crisis that we face, if we're not leading ourselves with the intention of learning to lead others well, we're part of the problem not part of the solution.

Those that complain the most and the loudest about poor, low impact leaders (managers) are usually those who "have to" follow them. Pause and think about that for moment. Let it sink in.

What's wrong with that picture? If you need some help understanding my point, I'll clarify it for you. People only follow a poor, low impact leader because they "have to."

Why do they have to? Because they aren't leading themselves well enough to create better options, and they usually have bills to pay and a family to support. So, they follow the weak leader and complain about it to others who are just like them and in the same situation.

Their real leadership problem is internal not external. It's not out the window, it's in the mirror. If they don't go within, they will go without.

When it comes to inspiring people, this includes inspiring ourselves, high impact people are the only ones who can make it happen. Who is inspiring you to develop yourself to a higher level? I can tell you this. If it's not the person you see in the mirror, you're already in trouble. If someone else wants to help you, that's great. That's actually a bonus! Thanks them and appreciate them. But, if it doesn't start with you, your life is going to be filled with blaming others for your circumstances and lack of options.

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Guest Blogger (Mack Story) 10/8/2017

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